section 7 is along the right side
from top to bottom

Today Boar and I will be on an all day charity outing. We will be going on a wine tasting tour of vineyards on Long Island’s North Fork.

Over the weekend, I finished and seamed section 7 of Babette and I also cast on for Lotus Blossom! There was lots of fiber activity. It was so hot and humid that I simply sat inside all day!


I won this guy in an Ebay auction. He sits next to my ‘knitting’ chair, holding some essentials. During the auction, I didn’t realize he is supposed to be a policeman and I was pretty horrified to discover that fact when he arrived. I was raised with a healthy respect for the police and would never dare to refer to them as ‘pigs’ – my parents would have wrung my neck! Anyway, I didn’t begin to feel better about this particular pig until Carrie K. told me that her father is a retired police officer with an extensive pig collection! Pride, Integrity & Guts

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  1. I’m still crying over here, and now I’m beginning to hate a little bit. Why?

    Babette is phenomenol! Better than we ever could’ve thought! Don’t you LOVE it?!?!

    I will miss you today.

  2. Oooh, Ann, I love your Babette! You’re doing a great job.

    Wine tasting… that sounds like fun. Enjoy.

    P.S: I’m 1/3 done on the second Wildfoote sock. :)

  3. I’ve got a bad case of blankie love! It’s gorgeous, Ann!

    I’d like to know just how big it is! Is it a baby Babette, or full-grown? You got some universal thing you could toss in there for scale?

    Have a fun day tasting!

  4. Hello I just followed a link from January One’s Blog and found your lovely Babette. The colors are wonderful! May I ask what method you are using for the seaming?

  5. Oh Babette! She’s beautifull! I’ve been carrying around the color list for several weeks now just waiting to bite the bullet on the yarn for her…my resolve is weakening.

  6. Babette looks like the magazine only better!

    I’m assuming that by now you’re quite tipsy from the North Fork. Hope you stopped at North Fork Stitches in Cutchogue. You can’t miss it! xo Kay

  7. Your Babette blanket is extraordinarily lovely. At least as beautiful as the original.
    I, for one, don’t really understand folks’ compulsion to chime in with “yours is so much better than the one published”, as it seems to me you must’ve liked the original enough to take the time and effort to make one, but I digress.

    Babette happens to be a man. Who has a beard and paints fine pictures. And draws like nobody’s business.

  8. Wow, you are a speed-demon with a hook in your hand! Loving watching the progress, but you may want to slow it down for Cara (I think you’re making her feel too far behind) ;-) LOL.

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