This is a plastic piggy bank from my childhood. I don’t remember ever not having him! The hat he is wearing was my mother’s. Every summer we would spend two weeks at the Jersey shore in Cape May. The Jersey beaches require beach tags and she collected them on her hat. My mom was a real beach hound and could sit all day in her beach chair enjoying the sun and sand. I don’t know that I ever saw her actually set foot in the Atlantic!

what do you think,
does she love Suduko or the Pepperidge Farm goldfish?

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  1. I had a collection of those badges from LBI. My kids and I used to go many summers. beach, reading and family time .. wonderful memories . That was before knitting..
    What a funny pug pic!-Suduko would be a good name for a pet-

  2. I have many fond memories of the NJ beaches. Looks like you started your collection long before you knew you would! I’m gonna take a wild guess that the goldfish is the object of desire there.

  3. I was just down the road a bit at Stone Harbor for my summers and have many wonderful memories too! Did she get the goldfish after all?

  4. Your personal assistant is so cute!

    I need an opinion Ann…I’m thinking of doing Babette (well essesnce of Babette anyway), I’m waiting on the pattern. How do you think it would look in KPPPM as well as KPM. I would REALLY love to make this from stash (yes, I do have lots of Koigu!) but not so many solids as varigated. I would use the same values, ie: a yellow varigated for the solid yellow, ect. What do you think?

  5. If your mom wasn’t wearing her hat on the beach she was wearing a bandana or what we affectionately called her “babushka”. Didn’t your dad have a white cap that had an anchor stitched on it? Looking like he was set to go boating.

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