Section 8 is along the top of the picture from left to right. Per Vicki’s request, I took another picture and included one of Poe’s tennis balls for scale.


As written, the pattern will make a blanket that measures 40″ x 43″, which is a decent enough lap size. It looks like I will have some extra yarn at the end of this project and am considering simply making more sections until it runs out. Cara sent me this link to an interview with Kathy Merrick detailing things to consider when enlarging the design.

Last week I declared that I had come to the end of the indoor pigs. I told a few people that I am running out of patience for this pig-a-day thing, but more to the point, the sheer size of my collection is freaking me out. Good Lord I have a crapload of pigs! I like to think that my house is not freakishly ‘piggy’, but this little photographic exercise would suggest otherwise. It is time to face the truth and have a stern talk with myself – I have officially become That Crazy Lady. Anyway, my sister in law reminded me of a few other indoor pig things that I have yet to show – so here are a few that I found but I hereby declare I will not be going into any boxes or way backs of closets to dig more out. And yes, what that means is I have only shown you the surface of my collection!


these are pig measuring cups. They were bought for me by an eight year old D#1 at the elementary school’s Holiday Boutique. awwww!

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  1. What a great blanket! When I moved a few years back I never unpacked most of my collections. I treasure them but not the dusting and clutter. Now that I am knitting that takes over most of the house .

  2. In my humble opinion, the “That” part of “That Crazy Lady” would only be if all those pigs were alive and living in your house as pets. Or even in the yard, since you don’t live on a farm. As it stands (again, IMHO), you’re only an “A” — “A Crazy Lady.”

    And I bet you’re going to be disappointed.

    And I wonder when you’ll get a pet pig.
    ; )

  3. Wow! Your Babette is just too nice! Love it love it! Don’t ever apologize for your um, collection. We all have our skeletons in the closets (if that’s what we collect) and under the beds and in the trunk of the car and where ever else the stuff fits. Um, yarn?

  4. Those measuring cups are freakin’ adorable! (I’ll survive if you decide to take a piggy-break… I’ll miss them, but I’ll survive. ;) )

    Babette is still looking gorgeous!

  5. babette is looking awesome.

    by the way, i almost called you on sunday (or would have if i’d had your number) because at the flea market there was a table covered in pigs!!! looks like someone was selling their crazy relative’s pig collection ;)

    i didn’t have my camera on me unfortunately

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