This week has been busy! First off, I re-joined this. I went with Flair and Lisa for what is becoming our annual rejoin. We have all made solemn vows and on this, the second day of the program, I for one can say so far, so good. If nothing else, it is always loads of fun to see these two and the meetings give us a definite date night each week.

Another thing adding to the feeling of stress for the week is major sleep deprivation. I had to have a big talk with someone
about what a pug can reasonably expect from his humans at 4 in the morning. This lecture was preceded by me chasing him around the yard in the pitch black in my grandma nightie and flip flops with a flash light and the whip (yes, the whip) doing that whisper screaming thing …..
P o e g e t i n t h e h o u s e P O E !

I did take time to relax and have fun at this. Oh Spinning Guild, how I love thee. This month’s meeting was a spin in – no program, just sitting, spinning and gabbing. I met a few new members, one was Christine – very cool chick who may have fallen in love with my Lendrum and Woolie Winder!

Today’s excitement …….It is D#1’s 20th birthday!! We shall be celebrating with some shopping and dinner at a restaurant of her choosing. I simply refuse to believe she is that old. So let’s all agree to wish her a happy 15th, shall we?


pig plates

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  1. 15 really I thought she was 12;)

    Happy birthday!

    I’m sorry I missed your guild meeting. Now that I’m actually getting the hang of it I really want to come out. Katy says she’ll come with me if I do. Maybe in October after the craziness of Rush is over.

    I’m re-upping at WW too. The @ Work one starts here again in September.

  2. You’re right, I am in love. When I told hubby that blanket I was talking about seemed a lot more reasonable! lol. It was so nice meeting you last night, thank you so much for letting me try your wheel.

  3. Hey Annie! It was so great seeing your beautiful “15 “year old today! She is a great “young woman”. Could you tell she lost 4 inches? Hope you all had a great celebration! xo

  4. Happy Birthday, DD! All the best people are born in August. (Well, lots of them.)

    I joined WW at the beginning of the month myself.

    Tsk, tsk! Bad pug. Of course, right now I have a recalcitrant cat who won’t come into the house and is under the car. Bad, bad cat.

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