it’s like money in the bank!


My blog is worth $17,500.74.
How much is your blog worth?

so I was feeling pretty cocky and rich with this result.

That is until I plugged in Cara’s URL, then Vicki’s URL ……… dammit, my plans for bloggy dominion seem to have run afoul.

[thanks Anita!]

14 thoughts on “it’s like money in the bank!

  1. Well, when I put in I got $0.00, but when I copied the full link from my blog I got a couple thousand dollars.

    Then I copied the Yarn Harlot’s address with her .ca extension and got $0.00, but when I typed in it decided her blog was worth $175,000. Right.

    I set up several ways to get to my blog to cover those who might be typing things in or need a shorter link for something. I think that muddies the results here.

    Still, it’s fun to plug in people’s blogs and see what comes up. It seems to be based on number of links to your blog, but I know I’ve probably done a half million dollars worth of links to Stephanie myself.

  2. holy COW! The last time I did that particular calculator it told me mine was worth zip.. literally.
    Now its at 32K.. YOWZA!

    FWIW, I plunked a popular political site into a calculator once just to see what it would be work.. 4mil. Wow, just WOW

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