Christmas 2007

Our Christmas was different this year. We were on our own for the first time ever. Out of town company decided against traveling and my MiL was MIA in Florida, visiting with Boar’s sister. So it was just the four of us!

We decided to start some new traditions – after a morning of opening presents, we spent Christmas afternoon in NYC. The weather was great and we took in a lot of sights. Our first stop was to check out the Barney’s Holiday Windows. Their there was environmental and one window was made entirely of recycled soda cans and bottles. You may not know, but Boar is a Pepsi Cola man and so that window was of particular interest.

We spent a few hours in the Central Park Zoo. We got there in time to watch the sea lions having lunch! When the girls were little, this zoo (along with the Aquarium and the Bronx Zoo) was always on our list of fun things to do over summer vacation.

You can also see pictures of the tree and the Penny Harvest. I hadn’t heard about the pennies and we happened upon it when we went to see the tree. It was awe inspiring – a true highlight of the trip.

ps. are you marveling at the photos? I got a new camera for Christmas!

7 thoughts on “Christmas 2007

  1. Carrie is a Penny Harvest veteran!

    Sounds like a very bissful way to spend Christmas. LOL at Boar and the soda cans. I’m sure he was moved by the artistry!

    xoxo Kay

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