it’s like a York Peppermint Patty between your toes!

I was playing with my new camera and caught this pile of nappers.

When I last left you, congestion was the name of my game. I know you know the feeling, stuffy head, eyes feeling a bit bulgy, an odd awareness of your inner ear. ugh!!

So there I am on Friday night in a snot induced fog, getting ready for bed. It’s early too, but the struggle for coherence has become too great and sleep is the only thing to do. The thought pops into my head that some Vicks Vapor Rub might be a very good idea. I love that stuff! I love everything about it – the smell, the glass jar, that great blue color – it’s a real nostalgia thing. As I am dabbing it under my nose, I seem to remember reading something about slathering it on your feet, covering them with socks and going to sleep. I figure why not?

I am here to say it worked! The next morning I felt 94% better – still a bit stuffed, but without all that woozy head stuff going on. I have hunted down a few sites regarding the Vicks on Feet thing ….. they all say it is for coughs, but it worked for me. Plus my feet are nice and soft now!

17 thoughts on “it’s like a York Peppermint Patty between your toes!

  1. Maribel’s mother swears Vicks will cure anything. I like to have it slathered on my back and chest and put on a shirt and go to bed. Clears up all my congestion.

  2. I wish I knew about it last week. I did use Vicks but not on my feet.

    I also heard that it was good for curing the fungus under your toenails? Haven’t tried that one yet.

  3. I have not been sick for a long time (knocks on wood), but the one upside to colds and stuff is the Vicks. I love that stuff. They have come out with some thing that you drop in the bottom of the shower and let the steamy vicksiness of it waft up. Oh, I want to do it, sick or not.

  4. YES! Oh I love Vicks too. My mommy can’t rub in my chest anymore… a) I have these lumps and have to rub it on myself; b) she’s been gone since 1960; c) *I* am the granny now. But truly, rubbed on the throat and down on the chest (and even between the “lumps”) it does everything it claims. I even found one of those little plastic cylinder “Vicks Inhaler” thingies still, and IT works too! Haven’t tried the feet trick (they say it works with a garlic poultice too, but I”ll stick with Vicks) but — if you stuff up again, take a small glass bowl (smallest mixing bowl size, for example), pour some boiling water into it, drop in a big blob of Vicks and then put your head right over the bowl with a thick towel over head, bowl and all. The genuine VAPORS in the steam clear your nose. Clear your eyes. Curl your hair, smooth your skin and let you understand the speech of the furniture and animals. It’s great!

    OK, I made that last bit up, but it DOES clear your head.

  5. My Neti pot is the best thing for congestion…rinse your head right out. Slightly warm salt water for colds, slightly cool for allergy.

    Plus it is great entertainment for the kids.

  6. My grandparents swore by Vicks–I remember quite well those sick days when the only thing that made me feel better was a bit of it on my upper chest. Next time I’m sick, I’m going for the full foot rub…

  7. Took your Vicks advice and I can’t believe it but I do feel much much better this morning. It’s a miracle. I was alittle skeptical about it but if you think about it…reflexology is a wonderful thing too. Love the pic. What a good natured boar allowing you to share it with the masses.

  8. glad you’re feeling better Annie! That’s a great Vics tip, but i am staying away from it! My mom forced me to put my head over a bowl of steaming water with vic in it to clear up my cold. She even put a towel over my head… I apparently am allergic to this stuff, and when I took off the towel, my Eyes were swollen shut! I won’t even trust it on my feet. So happy yours toes are less congested. :)

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