does flag etiquette require that I bring in the flag during a snowstorm? Immediately after I took this picture a bit of wind came along and all of that snow dropped off.

Winter on Long Island has been a dull affair this year. There has been no significant snow fall until now. I enjoy a good snow and was griping about our namby-pamby weather.

Naturally I have a busy weekend planned! Cara is coming out for one final visit before motherhood rains down upon her head and my bff of 35 years is going to be here too. Mary has been hearing stories of all my new blogging friends and wants to meet one of you mythical beasts! ; ) Our little party doesn’t start until tomorrow and this storm should be out of here by then. So today I will proceed with the cleaning and baking plan.

one more thing ….. some excitement is in the works over on Vicki’s baby shower blog!

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