two for three, Mr Boar….. not bad

There are three faithful friends – an old wife, an old dog and ready money.

Benjamin Franklin Poor Richard’s Almanac (1733-1758)

6 thoughts on “two for three, Mr Boar….. not bad

  1. Thanks fo ryour suggestion on my pattern dilema. But damn I dont understand. I think my mind along with the body is betraying me big time.

    Love your old pug . They do love to sleep!

  2. God I love Ben Franklin. He was such a riot! The other Founding Fathers were so stuck up compared to him. We were just at Thomas Jefferson’s little place down in Virginia and they had some of HIS hi-larious quotes like “One seldom regrets having eaten too LITTLE.” Hardy har har, ya know? “I cannot live without books.” Yer killin’ me!

    George Washington (whose house we also visited) was another fabulous guy but not all that much fun.

    I would have visited more Lifestyles of the Founding Fathers but the kids had had enough.

    xox Kay

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