A number of weeks ago I was on the phone with Cara. Who knows what we were talking about (probably the beauty of my pugs), but suddenly I said, “Does Vicki have a dog? I think she does. I always forget about that dog.” and then we talked about Vicki some more. ; )

Well, yesterday the three of us were on the phone and I hear Vicki whispering in the background and asking the dog if it needed to go out. I confessed how I can never remember if she’s even got a dog (she said she cant’ either!) etc. and I told her I was going to start a blog ring and possibly a Ravelry group – Does Vicki Have a Dog?

In the interests of fairness, here is a peek at a member of my household that gets little to no blog coverage.

Nick the Cat. He’s evil.

14 thoughts on “woof!

  1. I’m so much more a cat person. (Nick and I got along GREAT.) At the moment, however, I’ve had it up to >< there with all four-legged creatures that shed. What I really need is a ROOMBA! ShishboomBA!!!

    And I’m sure you were saying only good things about moi.
    ; )

  2. nick is not evil! he is a big fat love bug. d#2 will attest to this too. what you have to know is that ann is not a cat person; nick torments her precious pugs ( they deserve it). nick just needs love.

  3. No, Princess is evil and she gets no blog time over here. Most people think I have no pets, and while I see that as a true belief, technically there is a non-human of the feline persuasion residing under our roof. You may have convinced me to use her for blog fodder tomorrow. Or maybe not. I doubt she’ll sit for the photo.

  4. I love Nick! He is great. I always thought he was one cat that acted more like a dog than a cat. You should give him more blogging coverage.

  5. So the name Nick fits him as it is a reference to the devil-so I’ve heard in some of my favorite Dickens stories. Evil kitties are so much more interesting. My boys are just plain naughty on purpose.

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