Life at Chez Swine is not only about the Great Deck Project of 2008,  we have been marking milestones around here!

That is D#2 (she’s in the black dress) all gussied up for her Senior Prom.  The prom was held on Friday night and today was her graduation.  I can’t believe it.  In one short month, she will be off to college.


Does one have to be Tevye to hum a few bars of  Sunrise, Sunset?

9 thoughts on “life

  1. Congrats on sending another lovely young woman out into the world! She looks beautiful and radiant and ready to take on the world; that’s some good momming showing there!

  2. Wow those “milestones” are a kicker aren’t they? Congrats to her!
    So can we see the new deck? After all Boar worked so hard, he should be given his due!:)

  3. She (and her friends) are adorable! Take it from one who has recently sent 2 sons off into the big, bad world — they will return to visit. And raid the refrigerator. And your wallet ;-)

  4. Be proud,,, did an outstanding job raising a beautiful and intelligent daughter! Yes you will be sad and very broke for new few years .. but it will be ok..
    maybe a good time to get another pug?

  5. “I don’t remember growing older. When did they?”
    Now you get to see the wonderful job you’ve done in raising your daughter.

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