my Peeps speak and I obey

You asked for deck, you get deck.

This project has consumed our every waking moment for the past two weeks. We couldn’t be happier with the way it is turning out. I didn’t realize how bad our old deck had become! Are you also noticing the Mason-Dixon Adirondack chairs?

I am sure that Mr. Boar would like me to draw your attention to the stair risers.

He is in love with his deck, but is especially pleased with the way the stairs are turning out. Because he decided to do these vertically instead of horizontally, they are taking much more time and so the deck is not totally finished yet.

Actually if you go over to my Flickr pages you will be able to see more deck pictures and see that the built in planter still needs to be done too. Another two weekends and it should be completely finished. You will also see pictures of the dogs, doing what they do best – sunning on the deck!

9 thoughts on “my Peeps speak and I obey

  1. Wow, that is an awesome deck!! Congrats to all of you, especially Boar and the hard working puppies!! After all, photoshoots can be exhausting :)

  2. Just stopping by to say CONGRATULATIONS on your daughter’s graduation. :)

    Also, to say that the deck looks wonderful. Wow. Great job, you guys!


  3. Your chairs are so awesome in red. I’m leaving my new ones bare though, as I’m afraid to break the spell after liking them this way for so long.

    Nice risers but you know, I’m not sure I fully appreciate them as they should be appreciated. xoxo Kay

  4. beautiful job! I remember my dad installing decks as a kid… all screws… no nails… and how much work it was… and wow the accomplishment! you guys should be VERY proud – I also love the vertical planks on the risers – as long as the stair treads are deep enough, they’re the most awesome element! our decks always just were open in that spot…

    good job good job!

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