It has been a little over a week since I’ve last posted, but it feels like it has been months! I don’t know why it should feel like that since nothing much has been going on around here. Everything has been in a holding pattern, including my knitting!

I have been working through lots of smallish projects, clearing out stash as I go. That is a very good feeling indeed and makes me think that maybe I should go through the trouble to post stash pictures onto Ravelry. That couldn’t hurt in the clearing out of stash.

I would love to have very little stash and dream of the day where I **think of a project, then buy the yarn for the project and then knit the project and repeat from **. Is this only a foolish fantasy? Will I actually have to set my stash on fire to have any hope of living that dream?

The truth is I am sitting on a larger project and a very good knitting story, but I need to take pictures and take time to tell it, so I will regale you all with that sometime next week ……

On the family front — when I last left you D#1 was enrolled at The Academy. I am pleased to tell you that she completed the course and got 100 on her final. Yes, that’s right my daughter got a perfect score on the Bar Exam.

D#2 leaves for college in 8 days. I cannot believe it! According to me, she is nowhere near ready (packing wise that is). According to her she is totally on top of things. We drop her off on August 9th. I keep telling her that August 10th I am having a dumpster delivered to clear out all the crap she leaves behind.

What am I going to do with my empty life house? Fill it with puppies?

Fill it with *** friends that’s what! friends and their daughters!! It’s true – Vicki, along with two of her lovelies is planning a trip to NYC and is including me in her plans and Cara & My Client will be here too.

I think this will be better than puppies.

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  1. I was really glad to read we share the dream of knitting all our stash and then buy yarn per project! At my previous knitting life this is what I did and now after trying both ways I am sure I prefer our dream one! Hmmmm,,,, maybe we should establish a group or something to help us achieve this goal? :)

  2. What wonderful news about your daughters! Your upcoming gathering sounds smashing. Have fun (and post lots of pics!). xoxo

  3. Like you- I have only been knitting less than 3 years and somehow my stash is way too big filling up too many spaces. When I go in there find things t hat I dont even remember getting. scary!It was those trips to RHinebeck,Stitches and Maryland Sheep and Wool that did me in..I am feeling that same quilt that my mother put on me when forced to eat everything on my plate.

    When my kids left for college I did breed pug puppies. Theactaully did help fill the empty nest feeling for awhile. and made some money at same time. Because my kids were so active in travel soccer teams:I was so busy transporting them to events .I had no other life. You on THE other hand have a wonderful network of friends. You will be fine- just broke due to college expenses.

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