the thrill of it all

Project details:

SYES shawl
Noro Silk Garden Sock Yarn

As I was knitting this project, I decided to keep doing pattern repeats and work until the yarn ran out.  Right there is exactly how much yarn was left at the end of the bind off.

It was a close one – a definite thrill ride and lesson in exciting knitting. Let’s hope it’s not also a lesson in how unwise it is to only leave a quarter inch tail of yarn to weave in!

Mr. Boar and the girls gave me a set of blocking wires for Christmas and this was the first time I used them. What a great finishing tool these are!

5 thoughts on “the thrill of it all

  1. The colors in those two photos are so very different — which is more like the real thing (they’re both very nice… and I think I have a colorway that’s similar to the top photo… and I’ve just purchased that pattern…).

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