a midlife chuckle

click on these to embiggen.

One thought on “a midlife chuckle

  1. The outhouse cartoon reminds me of my dear, long departed, Dad who was quite the antique (junk) collector. In his travels he found a 5 seater board in graduated sizes from potty training to OMG. He always threatened to use it as a family picture frame over the mantel since there were five of us. Wonder if it is still in the garage??

    He also decided to liberate an old outhouse that was behind a farmhouse that was being demolished. So as not to arouse suspicion, he and a buddy printed up business cards from the “Historic Outhouse Preservation & Restoration Society” and distributed them to the neighbors so they wouldn’t be concerned when the truck pulled up. That outhouse was duly installed on its foundation at the Outhouse Erection Party…it still stands at the back of my Mom’s yard, now a garden shed.

    He was a character….

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