I was out to dinner last weekend and spied a jar much like this one behind the bar. Pineapple infused vodka served icy cold – delicious!!

This has been soaking/infusing since Sunday. I did a little taste test last night and I do believe it’s ready to go! Wikipedia recommends replacing the fruit since it continues to ripen, so pineapple is on today’s grocery list.

here’s a little recipe recap:

  • step 1: infuse the vodka
  • step 2: infuse yourself

7 thoughts on “infusion

  1. i never comment on your blog – but i do read it often.
    this reminds me of someone i knew in college who used to buy a jar of olives with pimentos, drain the liquid in the jar, replace it with vodka & keep it in her dorm fridge. it was both slightly disgusting and genius to me.
    the pineapple intrigues me, though. i’ll try it!

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