a post of many colors


Here is a look at my Babette blanket progress. The picture shows sections 1-4, complete with seaming! My idea to work the squares in the order they are put together and to seam them as I go along is working out well. I can’t imagine dealing with all of these squares at the end. And for all you disbelievers, how about a peek at the back?


Yesterday I had the pleasure of singing Happy Birthday to Kathleen. As a matter of fact, today is the actual birthday, so go on over there and wish her a happy one! She hosted a lovely luncheon (that Kevin rocks in the kitchen!). The food was delicious and a gathering of fiber enthusiasts is always a great time! It was a lot of fun hanging out with Susan, Granny, Marilyn, Ricki and Nancy. Nancy brought along her lovely family, including scrumtralescent Rinaldo! Are you aware that Rinaldo and I have a thing going on?
Guess what, Kathleen wasn’t the only one receiving presents! the flame of love still burns brightly

…… a present from Rinaldo!



The large center square and the two smaller six-round squares are seamed together. The panel on the right with the four, four-round squares needs two two-rounders and then that will be ready for seaming too.

I just re-read that last sentence. whew! I don’t know how else I could have written it though.

Anyway, I am loving this project! The crochet is easy and the colors are fabulous and exciting to work with. I am using Knitting Notions yarn and it is wonderful. Oh, and I also ordered the pattern for Lotus Blossom – in addition to all this color, there will soon be lace!


Here is a finished 12 round square. It is the center block of Babette. The pattern calls for a few of these bigger squares. I finished this one at the Spinning Guild meeting last night.

Our meeting was a covered dish dinner along with an auction. Everyone brought in items for donation (I took the opportunity to de-stash – God did that feel good!) But I did not come home empty handed – check out my loot:


These beauties were spun by another guild member, Gunther. He has won first place prizes at MSWF for his spinning. There are a couple of skeins of each. Do you remember the fabulous grab bag present I scored at the Guild’s holiday party? Well, Emma is Gunther’s granddaughter. There must be a spinning gene in that family! I am thinking of combining Gunther’s and Emma’s into a Hap Shawl, wouldn’t that be cool?


and this little cutie was donated by Sharon. She found him at a garage sale. I am going to fill him with knitting and spinning necessities and keep him close by.


things near my knitting chair

Please note the absence of any Lopi Lite and the fabulous color! I was excited to discover yesterday that I had in my possession the required crochet hook for the Babette Blanket. I was certain that this project would have to wait until I ran to the store – what joy, I could jump right in!



You can see that I started with the four round squares. Luckily, I didn’t get too far before I had the idea to work my way from the inside out, following the pattern schematic and seaming the sections as I proceed. This blanket consists of different size squares that are all seamed together into larger rectangular sections which are then seamed together log cabin style to complete the blanket. Although I have made color substitutions, I am following the color chart. I think it will be less overwhelming and confusing to seam it as I go along rather than trying to keep track of all of these squares at the end of the project when it comes time to put it together. So I have started a 12 round center square.

Thank you for your input regarding the Bee Shawl/Lotus Blossom Shawl dilemma. I love the Lotus Blossom, but could do without those bobbles hanging from the bottom edge. I wonder how it would look to simply leave them out? Would I replace them with something else? I am going to poke around on Ravelry to see if anyone else has made modifications.

what to do when Granny’s side panel won’t fit ….

some tips for making and seaming in the side/bottom band …….. this was a bit difficult for me since I had trouble ‘reading’ my crocheting. The pattern says to repeat three rows 43 times for a total of 137 rows. I think I got pretty close to the mark, but wasn’t sure. Once you are done with the band, you are instructed to single crochet along both edges. This will give them a neater edge which is what you want since those edges will show on the right side of the finished bag.

Here’s what I did:

  • Work the band until you’ve got it as close as you think you’ll need. Remember, this band needs to go down both short sides and along the bottom edge of the side panels. like this
  • When you work the side edges of the band, work them in the direction of the crochet – start where you started the band and end where you ended.
  • Only work one side to begin with.
  • Now go about attaching this side to the first granny square side panel. Remember to begin seaming it at the beginning edge of the panel …. this way when you get to the end, if you have too much, you can easily rip, and likewise if you have too little you can add more.
  • Then proceed to do the single crochet edge for the other side (this has a wrong side/right side which you will be able to tell by the raised ridge where it joins).
  • Now seam the other side to the second of the granny square side panels.


now comes the part where I need to break out the sewing machine and work a lining. I have a stash of fabric from some time spent flirting with quilting and home decorating – I will have to go through it and see if there is anything I can use. I also read the directions a bit last night and it turns out they call for a zipper too. Gah!! Zippers are my sewing Mt. Everest. stay tuned for further gnashing of the teeth.

on to the pig of the dayP5160006

Thank you to Flair for taking over blogging duties for a day. She is right when she says that posting a chore list was scraping the bottom of the barrel! You will be happy to hear I did manage to make it through most of that list, except for the car washing. I replaced that with a pool vaccuuming and drove the car to a car wash yesterday. Little Onslow was absolutely filthy and it was bringing me down just to be in the car. Yes, I am a head case – if things are in too much disarray or filth, I get emotionally unhinged.

P5210005 P5210008

Here’s a look at both sides of my Larger than Life Bag. I copied Vicki and decided to do a border around all of the individual squares in addition to the outer border that the pattern calls for. I am now working on the panel that goes between the two sides. It is a pattern repeat of a row of single crochet, then a row of double crochet and then another single crochet. Since I am new to crochet, it is very challenging for me to ‘read’ the fabric — if I put it down, it takes awhile to figure out which row I have just completed and what needs to come next. I am enjoying it though – hope I can say the same once it’s time to sew the lining!

pig of the day5_may_23_10
pug of the day

**and yes, I do see how dusty that pig pot is. OMG – I’ve got to get the dust rag!!!! argh!!!!!!

Here is a picture of one wall in my kitchen. Please disregard all the crap on the kitchen table – that box with the lady’s face on it? a new cell phone for moi! I never even noticed that face until I took this picture and that box has been sitting there since last night. Anyway, the pig of the day pictures are moving off of the hutch.


Today’s picture is of the brackets that hold up the shelf right above the hutch. There are four of these guys.

I spent most of yesterday morning/early afternoon giving Cara crochet lessons over the phone. If I do say so myself, I have a knack for teaching and this is not the first time I’ve used Ma Bell to spread the Gospel of Fiber. I even talked FA in PA through knitting socks on two circs and turning the heel over the phone! Although these phone consults usually require a prior fibery knowledge.

This morning I need to fire up that lawn mower and try to beat the predicted thunderstorms. I will be spending the remainder of my day seaming crochet blocks together and possibly moving onto crocheting the rest of the bag. Tonight is spinning guild! – spinning novelty yarns in on the agenda.