Section six is there running from top to bottom on the right hand side. Section seven started of with a 12 round square, which takes awhile, but I’ve got that one done and a few of the others as well.

The pattern for Lotus Blossom shawl arrived the other day and I want to get that on the needles too. It will make a much more portable project than Babette.

Today I am cashing in on my mother’s day gift. The girls and Boar bought me some massage treatments and a facial at a local spa. In honor of this, I thought it might be a nice gesture to shave. So, I am about to get in the shower, when I notice that my razor isn’t in its usual spot. It turned up in the girls’ bathroom. Why do they take mine, when they have the exact same model?

But the bigger question is ……. how long has it been missing? the very scary answer ……. I have no idea.

sure it’s a pig picture but
check out those adorable girls! awwww

Both D1 & D2 are away this week.

Yes my dears, Boar and I have the house completely to ourselves. Things are hot and steamy around here. We still got the romance, I tell you what! If you were a fly on the wall at Chez Swine, this is what you would have heard ….

Boar and Ann sit in their den, each in their respective chairs.

Boar is cruising the channels while Ann crochets. They have a brief conversation, discussing whether they should go out and get ice cream. The issue is who should be the one to get the ice cream.

Boar: You’re the one who wants it.

Ann: But you have to be the one to get it. I am in my nightgown.

Boar: Yeah. You’re like the Grandma Trifecta over there.

granny squares

granny glasses

granny nightie

That Boar is pretty funny sometimes! We got so distracted with laughing, we never did get ice cream. Now before I get too distracted, here is your pig for the day! I can’t remember if that wine was any good or not, I just had to have the bottle!

ps. those granny squares are section 6 which I will be seaming today.


Check me out – two posts in two days ….. I’m on a roll! I am beginning to suspect that my recent blog slump can be attributed to DBK. Dead Boring Knitting.

Section Five has been added!

Does it appear I am flying through this project? Last night I was thinking the same thing myself and thrilling with the thought. I mean, this thing has 10 sections and I am finished with 5. My mathematical acumen tells me I am halfway through already. But NO! No sooner had I smiled at the prospect of having this complete in record time, it occurred to me that the sections get bigger the further out I go. Seaming this last section took about 90 minutes.

Here is Mr. Poe inspecting the seaming job.


he says, “Well done!”.

a post of many colors


Here is a look at my Babette blanket progress. The picture shows sections 1-4, complete with seaming! My idea to work the squares in the order they are put together and to seam them as I go along is working out well. I can’t imagine dealing with all of these squares at the end. And for all you disbelievers, how about a peek at the back?


Yesterday I had the pleasure of singing Happy Birthday to Kathleen. As a matter of fact, today is the actual birthday, so go on over there and wish her a happy one! She hosted a lovely luncheon (that Kevin rocks in the kitchen!). The food was delicious and a gathering of fiber enthusiasts is always a great time! It was a lot of fun hanging out with Susan, Granny, Marilyn, Ricki and Nancy. Nancy brought along her lovely family, including scrumtralescent Rinaldo! Are you aware that Rinaldo and I have a thing going on?
Guess what, Kathleen wasn’t the only one receiving presents! the flame of love still burns brightly

…… a present from Rinaldo!