Just when a girl sort of gets her blogging mojo back, the powers that be eat her post.  sigh.

so here is the shortened version:


  • I am working on socks
  • the yarn is lovely and the pattern is very nice
  • I can’t stand knitting them but I won’t rip them out because
  • the yarn is lovely and the pattern is very nice
  • I also won’t cast on for another project because there are simply too many unfinished knits around here.
  • a rock and a hard place.


  • spring is here and that means house projects!
  • reflooring the deck – ripping up all the old boards and replacing with lovely composite wood decking material.
  • draining the pool for upcoming sandblasting/repainting

I have been playing around with my camera and you will see that I have very little idea of how to use the video function, but you can definitely get the flavor of how projects go around here.  Look for Lu at the end of the second video!

7 thoughts on “

  1. OMG, Lu!! It’s like she’s all camera shy!!

    And what a silent crew you have. My resident carpenter is always muttering — to himself, if no one else!

  2. Kathleen encourage me to toss my socks back into the basket, even though they were nearly done. I was not enjoying them not even a little. Even though I love the pattern and the yarn. Toss ’em do something fun instead!

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