it’s a good day

to be cozy. We are having some weather. I have no real news of my own to report – continued progress on the felted flower bag, I expect to be whipping up the roses today and perhaps get some spinning time in. We have a late morning appointment for Poe – it’s check up time …..

awwww ….. I hate to wake him!

I hope you all have a wonderful Thursday – it’s my favorite day of the week for some inexplicable reason.

I’m ready for my close-up

Some are not as shy as others about publicity… is the picture of candy cane on carmel! I have another one on the needles and this one I will keep for myself.

I am ready to make a public vow to start getting back to work on other projects. I got diverted by the Bucket-o-Chic pattern – it is easy, fast and fun! (like those, ahem, bad girls in high school!) :)

However, I have two other projects in the works – a cable stitch, coat sweater for myself and a vest for my Boar. The vest has been a work in progress for a shamefully long time. My sweet Boar has been very patient, but the time is at hand to finish. Why do some projects seem to languish? Perhaps this new blog will help keep me on task.

and this little piggy went wee,wee,wee all the way home

Fearing the fame and fortune that come with being featured on this blog, one Bucket-o-Chic recipient would prefer to remain anonymous. Suffice to say that said recipient is a fellow knitter and thrilled with her hat. Said recipient is also an ardent fan of PurlingSwine! ;)

The Candy Cane Bucket-o-Chic was also well received and I am hoping to soon have pictures to post. I failed to take my digital camera along on the trip and am relying on the good nature of relatives (thanks Aunt Ginny!!) to email me pictures.

The trip went really well and it was great to see everyone! The one thing I dread most about these trips is the traffic and it wasn’t too bad. There was a bit of a delay at the Verrazzano Bridge (they had a checkpoint set up), but even that didn’t tie things up all that much.

A trip to King of Prussia is not complete without time spent at the mall. It is amazing how big it is — there was a time that I knew my way around, but now I am completely lost. Lookie what I bought at Restoration Hardware!! Now for a spot to hang it.


I have experienced my own little knitting miracle! I wasn’t holding out much hope that this hat was going to felt properly. The last I posted about it, I had it on one of the dogs!! Now, if Lucy wants to wear it, she’s gonna have to fight me for it!

I had so little faith that all was going to turn out for the Bucket-o-Chic, that after attempting to felt it by hand in the kitchen sink, I got fed up and threw it in the washing machine. Remember that I have a front loading washer and cannot fish things out once the cycle starts. But lo and behold it emerged beautifully!! This is one terrific pattern and I have already started my next one!