The Great Deck Project 2008

Where the hell have I been? Playing assistant to Mr. Boar as he refurbishes our deck.

Mr. Boar loves to build decks. This was the first house project we did when we moved into this house. (before the desperately needed kitchen as a matter of fact – no, I’m not bitter) When he suggested that we needed to redo the flooring on the deck, my first reaction was “What?? It’s practically new!”

The truth of the matter is we have been in this house for 15 years and many of the original boards were rotted. This time around we are using composite decking. I was very very resistant to this idea at first, fearing that it would look totally fake and I would be living in some kind of Little Tykes nightmare, but the whole No Maintenance thing is very seductive. As was the lifetime guarantee.

So this is where I have been. Boar has taken two weeks off of work and we have been diligently working away. The deck is huge – roughly 1700 sq. ft. and we are more than halfway through! The end is in sight!

Speaking of sights …… it’s not all drudgery around here …….

is there anything sexier than a Boar in a toolbelt?

Check it out — those little spindly green thing? They’re asparagus! And in only two more years, I will be able to have some. ;)

I decided to ignore Martha Stewart with all of her talk about ‘double digging’ and slowly filling in the hole. Instead I fully embraced these instructions. Now those are some instructions I can get behind!! When I read that, this is what I heard – dig a hole, toss ’em in and don’t bother with all the other stuff. Except super phosphate. Be sure to do that.

a close up

There is also a gardening mystery going on out there. I planted a few varieties of tomatoes. Look at what is growing amongst them. I just took one picture but they are everywhere!

what do you think?
my guess is cucumbers reseeded from the compost.

a FO!

pattern: Cottage Creations Babies & Bears
yarn: Lion Brand Cotton Ease
mods: collar rather than hood

I know this picture is a bit blurry, but without the flash the color of the yarn comes through. I have been wanting to knit this project ever since my friend Flair knit one up. The construction is interesting – knit from each sleeve toward the center line and then kitchenered up the back! I have also been attempting to knit from my stash and I have lots of Cotton Ease, so there could be a few more of these in my knitting future. When in between big projects, my grandmother often knit up a baby something-or-other to have on hand for gift giving and I think that is a good idea. It is also a great way to knit from the stash!

You may notice in the button close up that I put in five button holes, but I am only using three — I need to sew up the other two. The puppy buttons were perfect, but five was overkill.

Did you all have a nice Mother’s Day? Mr. Boar and I went plant/yard shopping and bought ourselves a new gardening toy. A gas powered edging tool that will take attachments! So we bought ourselves the rototilling attachment and also the weed whacking attachment. OMG I am in love with that rototiller! That thing has made mincemeat of some back-breaking labor — I got all of my veggie beds turned over and also extended a garden that has been on my mind. Yay for power equipment for Mother’s Day! (I also got a plant and some chocolates from the Ds).

Adirondack Chair Tutorial!


I know I have been an absent blogger. I have no good excuse other than there is really nothing to say! I do however have a prezzie for you all just to make it all better.

How about a Adirondack chair tutorial??
Download deck_chairs_1.pdf

Download deck_chairs_2.pdf

Download deck_chairs_3.pdf

Download deck_chairs_4.pdf

Mr. Boar (Boar, Boar he’s our Man! If he can’t do it, nobody can) finally succumbed to my nagging and put together a how-to for the chairs. He has crazy little handwriting, so hopefully you will be able to read what he wrote.

I would like to remind you that these chairs are a replica of Kay’s chairs. After visiting her last summer and loving them, I took lots of pictures and measurements and then Boar and I churned out a bunch for our place. I think they should be voted the official Knitting on the Porch chair. Plenty of room for your elbow and a refreshing beverage on those hot summer days!