Adirondack Chair Tutorial!


I know I have been an absent blogger. I have no good excuse other than there is really nothing to say! I do however have a prezzie for you all just to make it all better.

How about a Adirondack chair tutorial??
Download deck_chairs_1.pdf

Download deck_chairs_2.pdf

Download deck_chairs_3.pdf

Download deck_chairs_4.pdf

Mr. Boar (Boar, Boar he’s our Man! If he can’t do it, nobody can) finally succumbed to my nagging and put together a how-to for the chairs. He has crazy little handwriting, so hopefully you will be able to read what he wrote.

I would like to remind you that these chairs are a replica of Kay’s chairs. After visiting her last summer and loving them, I took lots of pictures and measurements and then Boar and I churned out a bunch for our place. I think they should be voted the official Knitting on the Porch chair. Plenty of room for your elbow and a refreshing beverage on those hot summer days!

feeling manic …..


In the past ten minutes I have mentally composed at least three different blog posts. Here is a sample of some opening lines in the exact ordered they popped into my head:

  • Don’t let the idyllic picture fool you. I am in a craptacular mood. I am covered in paint and sweat and have only finished two of the chairs so far – four to go.
  • Blogging is theraputic, I was all set to post a big rant and realized it’s less of a bad mood and just exhaustion.
  • They are all making me crazy and I am going to kill someone.

so you can see that I am not fit for human consumption today. Ann is not potable.

~oink ~

the sound of a whip cracking!


What have we here? It’s a completed sleeve for the Hex Coat! Because unabated moss stitch is boring as hell, and Mr. Nick agrees, I took the picture with a mossy basket of geraniums. Artsy, no? I started back in on the left front. I had worked the fronts up to the armhole shaping and then put them on holders while I mulled over what length I wanted this coat. So I am more than ½ through.

Today will hold more workroom delights. We have finished cutting all the various lengths and angles and are putting the chairs together. I am a bit surprised that we are not further along, but Mr. Boar has turned perfectionist and things are being not only measured twice, but then cut to a template. I know it’s a good thing, but alright already! He does anticipate being finished today though, and then I will begin painting the chairs. I know I should paint them before they are nailed together, but each chair has about 15 pieces and times 6 and that makes for more wood than I have places to lean it while the paint dries.

Mr. Boar says I am a slave driver. It’s 8:00 am, do you think I should go and haul his ass out of bed so we can get to work?


update: it’s 8:37 am and here is the scene in my bedroom


Mr. Boar is on vacation this week. We are planning on getting some projects done around here and have already started the Great Churning Out of Many Adirondack Chairs. There has still been no knitting to speak of and so I shall throw lots of pig pictures your way.

First off, this is a picture of a watch maker’s repair desk that is in my kitchen. We refer to this piece as Command Center – we were joking at first, but it truly is command center. Keys, phones, phone numbers, important papers, calculators, tape etc. , all are housed within its many drawers.


the key holder above Command Center

P5160012 P6040026

P6040028 P6040024
the many pigs on the key holder


P5160008 two installments for the pork report – I forgot yesterday, what with the glories of tilling the earth ;)

Today’s excitement is D#1 returns home from her big trip. I will be picking her up at JFK this afternoon. We heard from her a few times while she has been traveling and she has had a wonderful time. She went to Greece and Bulgaria with the chamber choir from her school and they gave concerts and participated in workshops. They also managed to pack in a ton of sightseeing.

I thought you might enjoy a few pics of Mr. Boar putting together the new grill. Please notice the canine helpers.


~I had some more pics of him being swarmed by pugs but uploading has become problematic.


I have to say that I did not do too much knitting this weekend. A few rows to be sure but in the overall scheme of things, very little.

After complaining that I was not in the mood to plant, I did a lot of planting! I think the truth of the matter was I was not in the mood to go plant shopping. I even managed to plant a bunch of vegetables. This is really saying something ….. when we first bought this house, we put in a really pretty vegetable/herb garden. I had visions of puttering hours away back there, having fabulous fresh produce and even dreamed of a little greenhouse. Somehow that vision became a bit blurred around mid-summer. The heat, the dirt, the bugs …… ugh. This went on for years. I would start the season with stars in my eyes and end it with a bunch of tomatoes rotting on the ground in a weed infested dirt patch that I would completely ignore since it is at the very back of our property and easy to not see.

A few years ago, I began to wonder how many vegetables I could buy at the roadside stand for the amount of money I was shelling out each spring. The last straw came two seasons ago, when I caught my dogs actually eating the tomatoes from the vine! They were wandering amongst the plants having a feast. They did everything but ask me for a little salt to go with. So I let the idea of a veggie garden go, planted one patio tomato in a pot last year and that was that. No more guilt and it was all good.

Fast forward to this weekend …… as I was pulling my little wagon around the local nursery, something came over me and I brought home two types of tomatoes along with a pack of cucumber and zucchini! Was it being surrounded by all the earthy smells? Seeing the sweet little plants in their pots? being amongst gardeners? Who can say, but I thought ‘let me try this one more time’. I did not however spring for the expensive plants, the bigger ones with the heirloom titles in their fancy cardboard boxes. I simply grabbed a cell pack of each. My humble hopes for a veggie garden will only cost a bit of sweat equity. And there were indeed a number of back breaking hours in the garden trying to conquer the weeds and turn in some compost. But things are looking lovely now and I am not quite vowing, but making earnest public intentions to keep after it this summer. And if I keep a careful vigil, perhaps I will beat my mutts to the harvest!

5_may_29_2 5_may_29

5_may_29_4 5_may_29_9

5_may_29_3I snapped this picture on the way back from the veggie garden – I never noticed how pretty at sunrise.
(probably because I’ve never been out there at sunrise …… the things I do for the blog!)