oh dear ….

I present yesterday’s disappointments in chronological order:March_24_004

I spent a lovely afternoon industriously organizing knitting patterns.  This industry was made possibly by Poe’s visit to the vet for his ‘fixin’ (by the way, he is doing well and will be home this afternoon).  It was a wonderful day until the mailman delivered this!  It is the MSWF catalog!  And I cannot go!! run soundtrack of wailing and gnashing of teeth  look at how thick this sucker is!


March_24_003_1 Then, mother nature decided to decorate the set of my discontent .  Spring snow.  I think, maybe these are the two saddest words in the English language.

I drowned my sorrow by busting into the kid’s Easter candy and today must run to Target to buy more.

oh dear.

12 thoughts on “oh dear ….

  1. I’ve been away a bit and caught up over the past few days. My dear friend, I think you are being WAY to hard on yourself. Just take one day at a time. Alittle yummy Easter candy never hurt anyone. It was that kind of day. Today is a new day. Just begin again…

  2. I haven’t broke into the kids Easter candy yet, because I haven’t bought any yet! Yeah it’s a problem.

    I can’t go to Maryland either so we’ll have more to spend in Rhinebeck!

  3. Stop…dont’ do it. We’re all feeling that winter ennui. We have winter, too after 2 weeks of spring. It’s tough but we will have spring soon. Ok, eat just ONE chocolate egg.

  4. Cigarettes? Chocolate?
    Sounds like a no-brainer to me. I look at it this way-used to be both, now it’s one. And Dr. Perricone says that dark chocolate is an anti-inflammatory agent that keeps you young and healthy, so go for it (and be sure to wash it down with a nice glass of red wine…)!

  5. Duh! Easter candy!! When DH made a milk run last night, Katie said, “Bring chocolate” (he brought Yorkies) because I’d already taken care of the measly few chocolate chips at the bottom of the bag the night before — the only chocolate in the house (or so I thought). I forgot all about the Easter candy stash!! At least you know what you’ve got!

    Wow, that’s one hefty book…

  6. Oh, man – I did that yesterday, too – but I don’t have the quitting smoking excuse…it was just sitting there calling to me. I just could not help myself!

  7. I feel like Homer Simpson…mmmmmmmm chocolate (drool). My kids don’t want chocolate this year. Other goodies are supplemented. But for me, there is always the good ol’ girl scout cookies!!! Congrats on a smoke free week!!

  8. What is the statute of limitations on Easter Candy. I have a 17 and a 20 year old. Should I bother to buy them Easter candy?
    There are a few foil wrapped bunnies left from the stash I use to feed my 9 year old sunday school kids. Can I get off that easy?

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