Gracious Loser…..

It looks like the Spearfish Race is over.  Yes, the socks are lovely, sure the winning knitters are wonderful women.  It’s simply fabulous that they won.    I’m just happy to have been chosen – oh wait, that’s a different sorehead speach.

Here we go ….. I’m just tickled pink to have been able to meet such fantastic women and have access to a gorgeous pattern.  I have learned so much already – it’s all been worth it.  I want to cure world hunger and I strive everyday for world peace.  P4120037

I simply adore being an also ran because everyone knows it’s the running part that’s important!

Just as Kristi is annoiting the winner’s crown with wreaths of laurel and enhancing her stash with sock yarn, I have completed my first 7 rows.  It will be awhile before I come limping across this finish line!

Where’s Anita?!


"Thank God we didn’t bet on her!"

3 thoughts on “Gracious Loser…..

  1. “World Peace” — that cracks me up — I just saw the tail end of “Miss Congeniality” the other night…

    Nice sock, but darn it, woman, what’s it resting on (nice drawers!).

  2. Love the pedicure with the Lucy pug, but much to my surprise when I enlarged the photo for a closer look, there was “Poe” lurking in the blackness. Made me think of “Where’s Waldo?”.

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