more out takes

Cara directed my attention to this site.  It would seem I am not the only knit blogger going to sex toy parties.

My friend called this morning to talk about the party – she specifically wanted to discuss the need to bring a pillow….

  • Friend:  that pillow better be for sitting on the floor.  She doesn’t have enough room for everyone, so I am sure that’s what the pillow is for.
  • Me:  that’s what I’m hoping too.  By the way go and read this site – this woman was just at one of these parties.
  • Friendreading site — OMG – I don’t know about this Annie!  What are we doing??  I am too much of a prude for this!  I am definately not bringing any damn pillow.  Even if it is for sitting on the floor.  I don’t do sitting on the floor.  Me and my Beaver will be standing in the corner.

**lest you think it’s all d*ldos all the time here at Chez Swine, I will tell you that the second Retro Rib has a heel and gusset …..

6 thoughts on “more out takes

  1. Sounds like a “very interesting” night. By the way, thank goodness the sock is coming along…maybe you should share your knitting pattern for the “little cover” posted earlier in your blogging days. Would make a interesting gift for the hostess of the party.

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