A few weeks ago, my good friend Claire was telling me something.  Something very important, that she felt very strongly about. 

She came to a point in her story where she stumbled for a word — it was on the tip of her tongue.  It was making her crazy – no other word would do and she could not think of it.  I was wracking my brain trying to fill in her blank. 

She began simply saying what her word sounded like …… ab, ub, ob …..

She was thinking of obsequious but what she said was obese-quious.

Obesequious!!  she and I just about wet our pants laughing …. and then we began arguing over what the new word should mean.

Claire played her trump card – she invented it, she gets to define it.

obesequious – marked by or exhibiting a fawning attentiveness to fat people.  Obesequiousness is exhibited in the statement, "you have such a pretty face"  and possibly lurks within compliments doled out during yoga class when the lady next to you could knit with her f-ing feet behind her head, but the instructor tells you you have great position.

4 thoughts on “

  1. Still doing that yoga crap are you. When you gonna learn there are things your body just should NOT do?

    Like knit with your feet behind your head.

    Loving the word, by the way. Can I call you Webster now, or is it still chunkilicious?

  2. I think I should be getting a lot more fawning attention. Heehee. Or perhaps exercise, but I still believe that should be left to trained professionals.

  3. That really was a piss in your pants moment when Claire came up with that word! Good thing I was in your pool at the time!

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