it’s too hot to blog

and Kathleen (who is not the boss of me) says no more to recycled posts.  I have been waiting all day for some blogging inspiration ….. but I got nothing!

Vicki, Cara and I were having a conversation with this as its theme:  Things I Did Because He Had An Accent.  But my blog is read by my children and my Aunties ….. besides right now I’m sober and I’m not admitting to anything.

I could show you the basket I won at the spinning guild party last night, but that would involve me getting my ass out of this chair, getting the camera, taking the picture and downloading the picture.  So that’s out.  It’s a mid sized wicker basket with some kind of fleece.   When Chelsea is here this weekend, I promise to take a picture or two …. 

The most exciting thing to happen in the past few days is that Joy has promised to come over here and whip me into shape with my Lendrum.  It is the same old story — no spinning at Chez Swine. I am pathetic.  Well, Joy is going to change all that.  All I have to do is provide air conditioning.

Was this post as boring to read as it sounds?

how about a piece of pie?

7 thoughts on “it’s too hot to blog

  1. Having had a couple of beers….I had a boyfriend in college who had an English accent. He was a real freaking idiot. He even stole my highschool ring and claims he threw it in the Channel. What a jerk. My dad called him the Slimey Limey.

  2. We’ve had a break in the weather and I hope it’s heading your way — maybe you’ll all have some relief for at least a part of the weekend! Have a blast with Chelsea, can’t wait to hear all about it!

  3. Next time I go on vacation, I’m going to go to Bakerina’s house and your house. That’s final. Oh, by the way, is it OK if I invite myself?

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