small hands in the big city

or at least the suburbs of the Big City.

On Friday, this is what Nancy had to say:

Then on Sunday I will be trekking out to Long Island to hang with those insane women out there and to show Chelsea a good time. I have it on good authority that there will be knitting, a pool, drinks, carrot cake and possible glasswear being shattered. Sounds like my kind of party…

And here is some photographic evidence that our Nancy is psychic ….

Chelsea_weekend_016 Chelsea_weekend_020 Chelsea_weekend_019

These pictures were taken on Sunday.  I will save Kathleen the trouble of pointing out that I was the one who broke the glass!  She kindly pitched in to clean it up and I seized the moment to take an incriminating picture. 

But before I get to Sunday – let’s go back to Friday ….

I took the train to meet Chelsea at Penn Station.  The weekend was off to a good start, when I found a prime parking spot at our local train station.  The good locomotive karma continued when our trains arrived within minutes of each other and we were able to hop on the very next train out to Long Island. 

It was a weekend of extremes — we went from hot yoga to Emperor Penguins and then to the beach and sunburns.  From healthy salads to carrot cake.  I had a great time — Chelsea is one cool, smart and interesting woman and everyone should have a chance to hang out with her!

Friday was spent with so much on the go fun that very little knitting got done.  Once we got back to my house and Chelsea was introduced to the menagerie, we had a bit of time for lunch and gabbing.  After that we were off to work up a good sweat – Chelsea is a great sport and volunteered to take a yoga class with me -which was especially great since my yoga challenge didn’t go off track. 

No sooner were we back home and eating dinner than we were off to the movies.  The Boar and Chelsea’s Sweet Baboo were glad to be off that particular hook.  We went to see The Emperor Penguins.  The movie was good, but the freaking penguins were getting on my last nerve – they make things so difficult for themselves!  I can’t understand why they haven’t evolved longer wings — an inch or two would make such a difference (nudge, nudge, wink, wink).  Opposable thumbs might be asking for too much, but longer wings for christsakes. 

Chelsea arrived bearing gifts

Chelsea_weekend_012 Chelsea_weekend_015Stubbys

two adorable, quilted watermelon potholders

a fantastically large, coffee hogging Dumbo mug

and a darling black and white pig Beanie Baby (he is actually much cuter than this picture that I lifted from some site since I was too lazy and sunburned to get up and take one, and besides, he’s already happily living on my pillow)

~because there has been a drought of blog fodder around here lately, I will save the further adventures for tomorrow’s entry ….. hope you all can sleep tonight wondering where Chelsea and I got sunburned …..

6 thoughts on “small hands in the big city

  1. I had a great time. I don’t look too horrible in the slide pic. Are those photos untouched? And thanks for fessing up about the glass. I swear, I didn’t do it!!

    Thanks Ann!

  2. OMG! A nude beach – you guys are daring. There’s nothing like sunburn on one’s private parts. I’m a knitting bud of Chelsea’s from MD – and I can’t wait to hear more details, it sounds like a really fun weekend.

  3. Hi Ann,
    I couldn’t find your email…could you please write me. I have a question for you. I read/correspond with Katy. She’s so cute in these photo’s.

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