on our knees!  We got sunburned on our knees!  and shoulders …..

you are all perverts!  Chelsea and I hardly know each other well enough to go to a nude beach together!  and that’s not to say we would go at all ….. I am not sure there’s enough lotion in the tube for that particular adventure!

So, where was I?

It’s Saturday and we started off the day with manicures and pedicures.  Very very nice — until the lady asked me if Chelsea were my daughter!  This was more annoying than the penguins —- I know I’m older than Chelsea, but her mother???!!   it’s okay, it’ll be alright – I’ve practically blotted it out of my memory bank anyway ……


Luckily I didn’t feel matriarchal and cranky for long, with newly polished fingers and piggies, we stopped by Granny’s.  Chelsea wanted to get some sock yarn for beach knitting and has fallen in love with Trekking XXL.  As a matter of fact, I am having Trekking XXL envy.  I will leave it to Chelsea to explain her method for dealiChelsea_weekend_007ng with her sock yarn, suffice to say it involved a trip across the street to the deli. And pointing and laughing.  Here is a picture of the three crazy ladies!

From there we headed to the beach.  I think Chelsea got some great shots of the bay from the car window.  And yes, Onslow ferried us around all weekend and Chelsea is in love with him.  Remember my good parking karma on Friday?  Well, it happened again and I got a spot right by the boardwalk that leads to the beach!

Long Island does indeed have a nude beach and it is not far from where we were – right FA in PA? (that woman needs a blog I tell you!).  I am sorry to disappoint you all, but Chelsea and I left our swimming togs on and went to the regular beach.  I thought I might be pressed into service to pee on her leg when Chelsea thought she got stung by a jellyfish – can you imagine the blog picture for that one?? – but it was a false alarm.  Which was a really good thing since I had just peed in the ocean …… (kidding … sort of…. c’mon people, don’t tell me you haven’t noticed how there is never a line for the bathroom at the beach??!! )

Chelsea_weekend_008 Chelsea_weekend_009

fear not! our pedicures were completely dry at this point

We stayed at the beach for the rest of the day. That is my Go With The Flow second sock in the picture — but don’t let it lull you into thinking I was a titan of industriousness.  I only knit about 12 rows and I was on the heel flap for crying out loud!Chelsea_weekend_011

That evening, Kathleen came over to knit and oversee the baking of her birthday cake.  Chelsea gave Proud Mary a try – she is thinking of taking the spinning wheel plunge and wants to try out the different models.  Invite her over and let her play with your wheels ladies!

We stayed up way too late, gabbing, gossiping and watching the movie Camp.

The festivities on Sunday started the minute Nancy arrived — which was the exact minute Kathleen arrived.  I was busy being a good hostess and didn’t get too many pictures.  Nancy cemented her love of Poe.  Now that she is about to be a home owner (yay!!) she is thinking about getting a dog.  I was threatening to give her one of mine as a housewarming gift.

We had another great day, hanging out by the pool, knitting, gabbing and eating cake! it’s hard not to have a good time around these women … and cake! 

8 thoughts on “

  1. I think you could have cropped out a bit of my butt and gut. :) I had such a great time with all of you. Thanks Ann for hosting such a wonderful weekend. Nancy, don’t take Moe…he’s the puker!!

  2. I did NOT KNOW that (about jellyfish stings and pee and vinegar. I wonder, is that where the expression “he’s full of piss and vinegar” derives from?) See all the wonderful interesting things we learn from blogs? It’s educational!

    Sounds like such a terrific weekend!

  3. That day FAinPA and I were passing through that nude beach and that guy wearing just a hat came straight towards us. It was too funny watching how far she went into the surf to avoid coming into contact with him! And NO we weren’t naked! Just trying to get to the lighthouse. The nude beach was a shortcut Purlingswine told us about. That was a day to remember! LOL

  4. There must be something in the air..bloggers are meeting up all over the place. I would have had you give Katy a birthday hug from me if I’d known. At least she had some great company.

  5. I haven’t been to a nude beach, but I have been to a hot springs where people liked to get all nakey… did I? I’ll let you wonder!

    Oh, fabulous weekend. Makes me both remember mine and long for the next (I’d like to try beach or poolside knitting)!

  6. Nancy–be careful, she really does give dogs as housewarming gifts whether you want one or not! Mine is barking as we speak!

  7. What a splendid time! And what sort of wheel is that? I like the look of it and that big fat creamy roving, too. (I’m spinning clownbarf at the moment …)

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