Trekking ….

all over my heart!Trekking_retrorib_001

I am in love with this yarn.  This is the Trekking XXL that I bought at Seaport Yarns  during Vicki’s Big Apple Tour.  The color changes are gorgeous!  Along with the Retro Rib pattern (to which I was already devoted), it is a lethal combination!

I  must. have. more. of this yarn.

This project was started with Christmas in mind, but they may have to end up in my stocking.  How do you other knitters part with these projects??  I suppose, now that I have posted pictures, I will have to keep them – otherwise the surprise is ruined.  That settles it. 

I was trying out different cast on methods.  I want/need to expand my repertoire.  Here is the Alternate Cable Cast On as explained in the Knitter’s Handbook

Another hot and humid day here – although some front is coming through tonight and bringing relief.  With the air conditioner on, my den is the perfect place for knitting.

3 thoughts on “Trekking ….

  1. Love the color and it looks great in that pattern. I just bought some of that yarn in blues – it might have to move up to the top of the sock list!

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