Did you read the comments?

So now I’m crying even more!! 

You guys are wonderful —– thank you so much.  It really has made me feel better – although I still have trigger happy tear ducts.

This ends our test of the emergency broadcoast system.  If this had been an actual emergency you would have been notified of where to send the chocolate…. and beer. We will return you to your regularly scheduled blogging.

Photo_102005_002I taught my knitting class yesterday and one of the ladies showed up wearing this t-shirt.  Please forgive the grainy photo – it was taken with my palm pilot.  It says ‘hot grannies knit’. how about a closer look?

What is it about fiber that draws the very best sorts of people?  Smart, funny, interesting …… I could go on and on.

Thanks again for all the love!

4 thoughts on “

  1. For a minute, I thought you were flashing me the boobs.

    Glad you’re feeling better ya big faker! I’m not going to tell everyone that when I talked to you last night there was a lot of laughing, and not so much crying. Nope. I’ll just keep that to myself. ;-)

  2. Ann – I tried commenting yesterday, but for some reason, the comment portion of your site wouldn’t load. No problem today. It’s amazing how those little dogs can worm their way into our hearts. I have two and I can only imagine if both had major problems at the same time. My heart goes out to you. Just remember that crying is ok – it actually does make us feel better, releases endorphins and all that good stuff. Love that T-shirt. Any idea where she got it? I am, after all, one hot granny now.

  3. Hi, I missed yesterdays post … I’m sorry to hear your life is in such turmoil. Its so very heartbreaking watching your beloved pets go through illness or pain and not know what is best for them. We try to be unselfish and do right by them, but it’s very hard nonetheless. I hope Mo and Poe both are feeling good soon. {{{hugs}}} to you all.

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