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toasted coconut marshmallows

another recipe from my new Ina Garten book – homemade marshmallows! I think I am safe from a taffy overload – first off, I am not a big fan of marshmallows (although I could see the addition of coconut changing all of that) and I have a house full of teenagers. At the moment, D#1 has two friends visiting. I am hoping that these won’t be around for more than a few hours. The directions call for them to sit overnight, so there has been no official taste tests. There have however been unofficial ones and the results are positive.

11 thoughts on “cooking

  1. Get out of the kitchen or you’ll start to make me feel bad. But do plop one of those on a mug of hot chocolate and tell me how it goes.

    Deprived in NYC

  2. Even though I hate cococut (it’s a texture thing) I do like marshmallows. Kay’s right – drop one in hot chocolate – didn’t you just get an hc machine?

    I’m so hungry. You’re killing me over here.

    Famished in NJ

  3. Wow…what an unexpected recipe, but I agree…the coconut changes EVERYTHING! I even wonder what would happen if you made these without toasting the coconut, and then roasting them over the campfire. YUM!

  4. Did you make a resolution like everyone else about eating properly? (I despise the D-word). I read you ate fiber the first day of the year. Sounds like it. Are they low-fat, calorie free?? Are they “magic marshmellows? You are killing me.

  5. I love your red mixer! Mine’s just like that, but plain ol’ white.

    I’ve never given a thought to making marshmallows. Who thinks about these things? I didn’t think there’d even be a recipe for those, you know? You can make marshmallows at HOME? They just grow on a marshmallow tree or something… like circuits peanuts and peppermint patties.

    It looks like a very heavy meringue. Egg whites?

  6. I’m with Vicki… I just figured they appeared somehow, never considered that you could actually make ’em. I’m not a big marshmallow fan but those look pretty tasty.

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