it’s a good day

to be cozy. We are having some weather. I have no real news of my own to report – continued progress on the felted flower bag, I expect to be whipping up the roses today and perhaps get some spinning time in. We have a late morning appointment for Poe – it’s check up time …..

awwww ….. I hate to wake him!

I hope you all have a wonderful Thursday – it’s my favorite day of the week for some inexplicable reason.

10 thoughts on “it’s a good day

  1. It is GORGEOUS in SLC. February went out like a lion and March has been a lamb so far. Poe looks so content. We almost lost Murphy last week…it was touch and go but he’s back to his ol’ curmedgeonly self.
    PS…I’m a big fan of Thursdays, too!

  2. Awwwww. March came in like a lion, but late… freezing rain last night and a little snow. Lots of melting today, though.

    I hope Poe comes home with a good report!

  3. Yes…”weather” here in PA, too. 2-hour delays for most of the schools this morning.

    (by the way, I clicked on your “spirit” link yesterday)

    Enjoy the weekend! :-)

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