wild thing, you make my heart sing

I think this blog is turning me into a big boring goody two shoes. I will admit that I teetered precariously near this status before the blog, but now it’s official.

First I quit smoking. Now I am eating healthy, which for me means no drinking either. What next? no cursing? no nights of debauchery?? no wild sex with strangers????

f- that sh-t man.

ha! for me the wild life would be not caring about the ring in my bathtub, the weeds in the garden. I am a big yawn it’s true.

and soon I will be a stylin slim yawn! What a great response I have had to the contest with mystery prizes! And if you are reading this for the first time, where the hell were you yesterday? huh? To save you the agony of scrolling to yesterday’s entry, here are the details: Send me an email (purlingswine (at) yahoo (dot) com) by 5:00 p.m. EST on May 2nd with your name/email/blog (if applicable) and the words “weigh to go” in the subject line. easy peesy!

I have consulted some one great mind and she has said that the prize should be ……. are you ready for pure genius at work?


where does she come up with this stuff? that girl is brilliant.

So yarn it is! And since this is in honor of my Journey of 100 Steps, I will be putting some Trekking XXL in the prize basket along with a few other delights! : ) I didn’t even notice the irony of the XXL until I just typed it. tee-hee.

word play …. just another part of my wild streak.

19 thoughts on “wild thing, you make my heart sing

  1. I put a secret message into my post today for you!!! JUST YOU! (And Flaire but I don’t think she reads me anymore.)

    Bring some of that bad ass over here honey pie. I got rings around my rings!!! It’s a veritible sty – all for you!

  2. Goody two shoes? Yep, hello. Sometimes I think I’m president of the club.

    Oh, the “Wild Thing” subject line? I was watching season two of Quantum Leap last night, where Sam leaps into a frat boy named . . . yep . . . Wild Thing. Another one of those “haven’t heard it in years and here it is twice within 24 hours” things . . .

  3. You’re so wild you can’t spell fuck? Oh yeah, real wild, Ann. Ok, I admit it. I’m just jealous. I need to lose weight. And clean house. I think I’m a bigger yawn than you are, both figuratively and literally.

  4. I just entered your contest and I wrote you a little poem, but then I thought, what if you don’t read my entry, what with the thousands of other entries? So here’s the poem:
    Ann, Ann, I’m your fan
    If you can’t lose it,
    No one can!

    Trekking? Did someone say Trekking??

  5. Hey, I see nothing unusual about channeling the amazing energy and single-minded effort one used to put into staying out late and kissing strangers in the street, into the maintenance of a drop-dead kick-ass home and garden environment, including the drawers and the backs of the closets. You’re livin’ the DREAM! And now you’re getting skinny too? Don’t make me hate you–keep drinking. xox Kay

  6. hehe! Goody Two-Shoes…that comment made me think of that Adam Ant song (don’t drink don’t smoke, what do you do?).

    And damn again! I missed ALOT of stuff the past few days with this damn flu!

    Leave it to Cara to come up with the excellent prize.

    Wow! 10 pounds! You go!

  7. Word play?! Oh, you wanton strumpet, what next? Perhaps NOT turning your mattress in the spring or something?

    (I turn mine every time the cat pees on it; spring means nothing to me. You’re welcome.)

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