walking along country roads with my boar

dearest Ones,

You might think that I had expended my weekend fun quotient on Friday with my trip into the city. Yukking it up with Cara, Kay, Bakerina, Wendy and all the other yarn chicks. As luck would have it, I did not. (don’t hate me because I lead such an exciting life – hate me because I’m beautiful…)

The Boar and I were carefree this weekend with D#2 away on a weekend school trip. On Saturday, we hopped into Onslow and went motoring around LI due east. We meandered. We held hands. We were reminded that we really do enjoy each other’s company. And don’t even hint around about wild sex. My daughters sometimes read this site! Suffice to say, those two didn’t fall from the sky, they got here the old fashioned way! ; )

We ended up in Greenport. As if a romantic day with the Boar wasn’t enough perfection, I managed some fiber purchases! Greenport is home to Now and Zen which has been on my radar as a shop I wanted to check out. Here’s a look at what I bought …..

P5220006 P5220007

We also stopped at a Claudio’s for dinner. It is a great restaurant with pretty views of the harbor. Can you guess what Boar ordered?

6 thoughts on “walking along country roads with my boar

  1. Sounds like a wonderful day! I love when Dale and I can escape for a day, too. It’s just a nice reminder of why we’re together. And I’m glad Boar finally got his shrimp scampi!

  2. I just plain old hate you. Glad the jelly osaki got the weekend off. I was a wee bit worried about him.

    Forget the kids. Now I can’t read your blog anymore!!!!

    Love and kisses to the Boar. So glad he got his shrimp.

  3. I Love that you had such a great weekend! Many years ago, we did an overnite from hell at greenport- I will tell you about it, at our next ‘laugh session” xo

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