I finished the Trellis Scarf last night! Hip Hip Hooray! Today I will be blocking it and am going to follow Yarn’s Harlot instructions. I have high hopes for that string through the edges portion …..


A little bit ago, I won a contest at anapurls with a winning guess of golf club covers. Yesterday’s mail brought the spoils – look at the great prize she sent! The needle case is so elegant,and the stitch markers so pretty. Any ideas on a project for the Patagonia? I love the way that stuff feels! Anyway, a big giant thank you to Ana!

Yesterday’s mail had another package. It was a bonanza – gotta love getting packages! This one from Amazon – Mother’s Day provided the perfect excuse to expand my knitting library …..



Girlfriends, your prayers were answered – we have achieved some poo. But not enough poo. Pray for more and bigger poo!

Thank you so much for all your supportive comments – these horses are a pack of delicate creatures (sissies, really) and it is a wonder they’ve managed to hang on throughout evolution. Anyway, Spencer did managed to get his bowels moving a bit yesterday, but not enough. and so we are still on shit watch. He is not out of the woods yet, but things are improving.

It seems that every year at this time, Spencer wants to see the vet. Last year he injured his eye. The year before that there was something going on with his hoof. And this year it is a colic. gah!

It was not all horseshit this weekend. I got a bunch of knitting books from the library (why does the library’s stash of knitting books always come as a surprise to me? I know they have knitting books and lots of them!) I spent a few hours on Friday afternoon sitting between the racks just reading through all the knitting books. One that I checked out was Zoe Mellor’s 50 Baby Bootees to Knit. I am whipping up a pair of the Duck Feet – I saw them on another blog, but can’t remember whose – and thought they were so cute. Even though I have no babies on the horizon (and it better stay that way for awhile!!) booties are a good thing to have on hand for a quick little baby gift. My grandmother always kept a couple pair wrapped in tissue. Anyway, this book has some very cute patterns and I am going to buy a copy of my own. I also checked out HandKnit Holiday and I think that one also will be purchased. The library, a great way to test drive books!

Now, before you think it was all horseshit and knitting around here ….. I also managed to power wash the upper level of our deck. Our deck is fairly gigantic as decks go (it’s as big as my first two bedroom apartment!) and to get the whole thing washed takes many days. So the powerwasher – that machine is a thing of beauty. Everytime I use it, I find myself wishing I could take it indoors ……..

abc ….. h!

Everyone who knows me, knows what a homebody I am (it goes hand in hand with that whole not-a-wild-thing of yesterday). Snug as a bug in a rug is my motto and would be featured prominently on my family crest if I had one.

I do not enjoy extensive travel – my favorite part of any trip is coming home. Weekend jaunts are okay – and if I know I am leaving my house and poochies in good hands I actually do enjoy them. But for the most part, I am happy to stay home.

There is so much work involved in going away – arrangements to be made, clothes to pack, more arrangements to be made, weather to worry about, connections to worry about, planes to worry about, kids and dogs left at home to worry about. It is exhausting. And then the hotel mattress makes my back ache and sometimes ye olde system decides to go on strike until it is back in the comfort of its own bathroom. I wake up at ungodly hours on vacation – it’s 5:30 am and I’m wide awake. It’s a mess. I’m a mess.

Why not stay at home and read a great book, or see a great movie? go out to dinner, go into the city?? go to a friend’s house? take a walk on the beach, or on a trail? why go anywhere?

But how best to picture being a homebody? With lovely pictures of my house like Vicki? That would entail me getting up and firing up the camera, going about taking pictures and then transferring those pictures – and at the moment, I am snug as a bug in this chair. I realize that this could be viewed as a direct violation of the abc along.

In any case, I am happiest at home. And when I was visiting D#1 at college last weekend and saw this at the school’s bookstore, I knew I had to have it. Even Boar said, “You have to buy that”. Which if you knew Boar, you would know is like him speaking in tongues.

Irreverent Notes, Quotes, and Anecdotes on Dismal Destinations, Excess Baggage, the Full Upright Position, and Other Reasons Not to Go There
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