My laptop had a seizure and I lost my whole entry. I hate when that happens.

Here are the highlights:

  • cake I made for the 4th. Searching for this link is what put my laptop over the edge. If you’re interested, you can get the link yourself. It’s Ina Garten’s Flag Cake and was featured in a Martha Stewart Magazine at some point. It is delicious.


  • I have finished my Flower Basket Shawl and it is blocking. Surprisingly, I only used ½ a skein of the Schaeffer. I know I used exactly ½ because I weighed it. So did I frig it up completely, or did I truly only use 280 yds. It looks okay …… and more importantly, what to make with the leftovers? hmmm…..
  • I hit the 20 pound mark at my last WW weigh in. And though things have been downhill this week due to the presence of leftover flag cake, it is still time to name the mantra winner! Nancy our favorite foul mouthed Bronx Girl!

While I may want the cookie, I don’t need the cookie, fuck the

  • This is what I am sending her

    a Yarntainer that I found at Target!

  • and the last thing …..

    you can have too much Flag Cake with Cream Cheese icing but
    can you ever have too much Pug?

19 thoughts on “

  1. ooh ooh I win I win I win!!! Yay me.

    Thanks Ann and congrats on the 20lb mark. I have ground to a halt on the weight loss what with the birthday festivities, graduation festivities and any other festivities I can come up with but I haven’t gained so I’m calling it good. There’s always tomorrow right?

  2. yay! pug! there is never too much puggy goodness. :)

    congrats on -20! After 7 weeks on ww, I’m at … almost -12. Slooooow progress, but I am just happy to have constant progress for once. I might have to try ‘fuck the cookie!’ :)

  3. God, I haven’t had cake in a while… or cookies… yeah, YUM.

    I took the WW week off — I probably could have found a meeting, but I did not. Bought a new scale last weekend and promptly “lost” 10 lbs., so I’m good. ; )

    Love the Yarntainer — I have a very old-fashioned metal one with a pansy design (have been given several coordinating pieces over the years) and it’s pretty cool. Seems to me that Grandma or an aunt used to make ’em out of 2-liter soda bottles somehow.

  4. YAY for -20!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Great job!!!
    I NEED that yarntainer – must take a trip to Target Boutique! What section did you find it in?

  5. That is one good mantra. And who knew there was such a think as a yarntainer. Good thing no one in my house made a flag cake! Congrats on 20 lbs!

  6. Congrats on the 20!

    I never saw those yarntainers in Target – I’ll have to look for them the next time I’m there.

    And, there was a contest???? How did I miss it???? Damn! Next I’ll be accused of being a skimmer! :-)

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