I’m big for my age.

okay, the skies are blue and the temperatures are cool. As you can see in my previous post, I have a husband who not only has a good sense of humor, but also makes the bed. So what do I have to complain about?


nothing that I didn’t bring on myself.

Do you remember a few weeks ago I went to that away horse show with D#2? Do you also remember that I fell off of my WW wagon while at the show? Truth be told, I kind of hopped down from the wagon, falling off implies it was unintentional.

What you may not know is that I did not climb back on the WW wagon until last night. I have been spending these past weeks not on WW. Not worrying about what I ate or drank. I kept telling myself that it had only been a few weeks (I thought it was three) and how bad could it be? That I would soon be back on track.

Well, the scale and my WW card tell a different story. It has been FIVE weeks and I gained 10 pounds. TEN. I deserve every single one of them. but still. shit.

ps. please don’t leave me “you can do it” comments. I KNOW I can do it. I just don’t want to. How about “get off your fat ass” comments? or if you don’t want to be that harsh you could say dimpled rump.

33 thoughts on “I’m big for my age.

  1. Well for the love of mike…who was Mike anyway?, I got on the scale this morning and since I “stepped off” the exercise wagon, I have gained as well. Not eating particularly well, sitting on MY dimpled rump, and sweating like the obvious hog I have become, I have gained weight as well. YIKES< ok, let’s both get off our fat asses and get them MOVING!!! and NOT to the fridge/cupboard/DQ/etc..
    KNIT ON and eat well!

  2. MAKE YOURSELF keep track of points even if you crash off the ww wagon!! That way you can see in living color how many points of food you’ve stuffed in. Guilt’s not good in most cases but kidding yourself doesn’t keep the bloody pounds off. Consider setting a point high somewhere between your worst and your goal. That way, getting back on track will be done in increments and isn’t so painful.

  3. I’m tellin’ you to get off your FAT ASS!!! Hee.

    I’m going through DTs on the Diet Coke/Pepsi thang. Someone else might as well be miserable with me. :)

  4. Dimpled rump… I like that. I’m one giant dimple over here, cheek-to-cheek. I’ve nearly cleaned up the damages from the margarita spill, and it’s time to get serious once again.

  5. you are not the only one who fell off the ww wagon recently. I’m still hanging on, dragging behind it, getting scraped up … trying to get my dimpled fat ass back on!

    So hey, your dimpled rump has company!

  6. My feeling is….well I like to call it “Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride” from Disney World. Oh what a wonderful ride but… I hope you ate all that wonderful stuff you so enjoy!!! And like always for all of us, reality comes back to bite us in the ass. Love you lots for your brutal honesty.

  7. Woot! Something else we have in common, other than the hot hubbies. I pulled out my old WW stuff the other day and started ‘er up! Since then I’ve been out to the taqueria twice and for Thai once. So there! Take that! I love me some tacos.

  8. When you fall off the wagon (or hop off the wall) the only options are to climb back on, or accept the dimpled rump as your lot in life. I don’t see you as really keen on that kind of acceptance.

  9. After all that hard work? Damn. Oh wait, who am I to talk-I leapt off the wagon and into a puddle of pie.

    I think I’ll go look at my dimpled rump in the mirror for a little while.

  10. here’s one- I am making progress, so get to it! for me the biggest thing was a paradigm shift inside my head. it means that I am actually losing weight without being on a plan or a diet. the more I shed the easier it gets because I am SO loving re-discovering feeling sexy and feminine. I am still heavy compared to when I was a svelt and annoying teenager, but I DON”T CARE- I AM HAPPY. I would be happy to share my personal path, but not everyone is down with it- hypnotherapy.

  11. i’m always half hanging off of the wagon myself.

    the only thing that keeps me honest — barely — is to weigh myself every friggin’ fucking day.

    and i still have only lost 13 lbs since christmas

  12. My own fat ass occasionally hops off that particular wagon…you just have to remember that it’s easier to hop back on the wagon when it’s only moved a few feet, than to wait and have to chase the damned thing! I know they tell you not to weigh every day, so you don’t get depressed over little fluctuations, but it does keep you honest!
    Let’s get up off our fat asses together!

  13. Been there, done that. And doing it again. I have given up chocolate (again), haven’t had any for a week now. I’ve been listening to Anne of Green Gables and she thinks dimples are very becoming, should we be fighting it this hard? Just thought I’d ask.

  14. Hey my dimpled rump is with you. I’ve always thought I looked pretty good, but I got a wake up call(nightmare) would be more like it yesterday. I tried on a swimsuit, and I just about died. I thought it was someone else’s reflection in the mirror. D#2 sais during this “Mom you’re all bumpy” (meaning my dimply butt) So instead of buying a swimsuit I bought a scale, oh my god I had put on alot of weight. So I’m getting off my fat rump with you, we can motivate,or commiserate online. And we can celebrate with the forbidden foods every now and then. Maybe we can start “Team Dimply” and find an exercise that we can also do knitting at the same time.

  15. There’s a wagon! Shit! That must be my problem. I didn’t fall off or jump off the wagon, I didn’t even know there was a wagon! Sheesh!

    Now get off yer fat arse and catch the darned wagon, girl!

  16. I personally just fell into a box of Whole Foods chocolate truffles and 2 bags of new flavored Kettle Chips – Cheddar Beer and Honey Dijon. Yesterday morning I got up and threw away the remains of the chips – I WANT to wear my old clothes again. I am writing down every single thing I eat. Dimpled rumps, unite!

  17. Where is your new post today ann, don’t you know we all look forward to hearing from you on a daily basis?? By the way, i am having a hard time picking a winner!! xo

  18. Rinaldo said to tell you it’s not you “it’s the system dammit”!

    We all kind of flew off the wagon over here but September’s coming up so my meetings will be back. I’m hoping to climb right back on.

    so get your fat ass up there with me!

  19. The wagon is starting a new trip on Labor Day. You know, back to school, new year, fresh start, all that. We’ll ALL be on it then. See you there.

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