here at Chez Swine, it’s all about the love


Look at the adorable magnet from my spinning friend Delia! so cute! please refrain from any comparisons – you know yellow isn’t my color! I love it Delia! ;)

I am working furiously on Icarus – progress is evident! I am in love with this yarn – can’t wait to wrap myself in it. I was speaking with Boar last night and telling him about welding wires and blocking lace. He says that Home Depot carries welding wires and so this weekend on what seems to be our weekly trek, we shall add those to the shopping list.

Continuing my social director theme from yesterday ……

  • tonight on NBC is The Office. I love this show. It is right up there with Arrested Development. I was completely devastated to have missed the season premier last week when I was away in San Diego. Believe you me, I really tried to see it but we had a compulsory dinner to attend (it was a business trip afterall). And no, I don’t have Tivo. Or Io. I really don’t even understand what they do or mean. D#2 is also a fan, so she filled me in and that will have to do until I catch a rerun.
  • mark your calendar, this Sunday (10/1) is Greenlawn’s Annual Pickle Festival! Here are the details:
  • Pickle Festival
    Homemade pickles, jams, jellies,
    farm grown veggies, bake goods, family fun
    John Gardiner Farm
    900 Park Ave
    Greenlawn, NY

I love pickles! I will have to be very careful not to get pickle juice all over Icarus.

13 thoughts on “here at Chez Swine, it’s all about the love

  1. You could have heard my groan all the way in ?New Jersey? when I read that The Office’s season premier was last week. Tonight I’ll be in front of Ye Olde Tube, you can bet on it. #2 downloaded the entire first season (and second? I’m not sure how long it has been on) to his iPod and we watched them last month. Luckily, the video iPod comes with a video-out cable so we didn’t have to watch it on the 3″ screen ;-)

  2. Ann, If you’re a fan of the pickle festival, perhaps you’d also like the Gilfeather Turnip festival in our neck of the woods in VT.

    This year’s festival will take place on October 28, 2006 from 12 noon until 4 the Town Hall on Main Street, Wardboro, VT. Admission is free. Lunch, including
    Gilfeather Turnip Soup, made famous by chef Greg Parks, formerly of the Four Columns Inn in Newfane, Vermont, will be sold. Also for sale: organic produce, turnips, craft items, and special turnip-themed products: tee shirts (these are GREAT!), postcards, Gilfeather Turnip videos and DVD’s, and a new publication, The Gilfeather Turnip Cookbook & Other Recipes Rooted in Wardsboro.

    By the way, I love pickles, too. Dills go especially well with a turkey reuben on rye. Yum!

  3. I’ve heard talk around town about what a pickle lover you are.
    You HAVE to get a dvr.( from cablevision,anyone who owns a t.v. needs one) I will show you how ez it is next time i see you.

  4. Should I be ashamed to admit that I have a TIVO and an IO box? You need to get one!

    I’m not a huge Office fan although I love Pam and Jim but Rinaldo and Avery are obsessed with it so I never miss it either;)

  5. iTunes! iTunes is the WAY! I missed episode 1 too, but for a buck ninety nine I downloaded it to my puter and watched it in all its insane glory. Totally worth it!

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