going to the dogs

I had a very full day yesterday. Worked in the shop all day and the minute I got home had to take D#2 off to her flute lesson (which is normally scheduled for Thursdays). So I didn’t actually sit down until 8:30 pm. This meant very little knitting. wah!

Today I am looking forward to getting some quality knitting time in. I will be working on my sweater, but also on another poochie pillow back. When I made yesterday’s featured pillow, I also knit up a pug and it still needs it’s Log Cabin back panel.

Since it is all canine all the time around here, I thought I would share with you a little slice of my morning. The minute my feet hit the ground, somewhere around 6:15, the dogs’ mission is to get me to go downstairs. This is where their food bin is. But first I insist they go outside. Oftentimes I have to really insist that the pugs get off of the deck! Lucy in particular is fussy about her feet and doesn’t seem to like the feel of cold, wet grass – and really, who can blame her? As I stand in the door, they will frequently look back over their shoulders as if to say, ‘you can’t be serious!‘ Once the ablutions are over and done with, it is time for chow. They are in a real uproar at this point. Here is my view as they gallop down the stairs:


it’s too bad I can’t provide an audio track. There is much yelping and woofing and a great clicking of the toenails.

maybe I should knit this view into a pillow?

so, now I am off to my comfy chair – my happy place!

11 thoughts on “going to the dogs

  1. A day of knitting in a comfy chair sounds idyllic. As for the dogs, it cracks me up that they get so excited about some dried kibble. But Dixie does, too. It’s universal!

  2. I love that “view” at our house too Ann! Enjoy your day in your comfy chair, pop in a Netflix, put up the coffee, and knit, knit, knit.

  3. I love that picture :)

    Boris the Pug doesn’t like getting his feet wet either — he’ll pout, I’ll make him go out anyway, and he’ll walk under the sunroom (there’s about 4′ of space between it and the ground) and do his business there, where the ground is dry and he doesn’t have to get wet. He especially hates the snow! I’ve been thinking off and on about getting him those little dog boots, but it just seems so overkill. :)

    Enjoy the pugs, your comfy chair and knitting! :)

  4. Love your pugs talk and pillows! My 4 pugs make plenty of noise at feeding time and hate going out in the rain or snow.They are such clowns..

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