The Power of Wool Compels You The Power of Wool Compels You

[title courtesy of clever Nancy]

When we left off, I was being chased through the woods by the Blair Sweater. …… Metaphorically speaking. Cause you know, even though that sweater is kicking my ass, I could still beat it in a foot race. Ha! who’s the scaredy cat now Sweater?!

Kay has christened this horror show The Silence of the Pugs.

P8180175 Dec_31_008 P1170144
just look at my trusty guard dogs (&cat) in action!

although I have achieved a finished project this weekend, it is probably too soon to break into a rousing chorus of Ding Dong the Witch is Dead. I should finish a few successful rows on That Sweater first I suppose.

Ganomy Hat by Elizabeth Zimmerman
some patterns mods by me!
yarn: Unikat
notice the new reading glasses?

I agree. It was completely nervy of me to modify a Zimmerman pattern when I cannot seem to knit a single row on anything else! This hat is a fabulous pattern and I highly recommend it. It calls for decreasing to 14 stitches at the top, and then inserting a ping pong ball and tying it off within the top of the hat for a buoyant and gnome-like ending.

D#2 did not want to look gnomish. So I added a line of double decreases along the front and back in order to reduce the stitch count more quickly. She looks adorable in it, but declined a photo-op this morning since she had gotten her hair just so.

10 thoughts on “The Power of Wool Compels You The Power of Wool Compels You

  1. Your napping guard dogs (: mine bark at squirrels but not people.
    I really like your swine mirror and your new specs..Hope you have vision insurance too. My new ones cost over $500 this last month.. but I only had to pay part of that.

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