this just in ……


there have been some new developments …… first off, I did not notice that someone drew an arrow to indicate which way the box should be sitting. This of course implies that the item inside needs to be seated a certain way. Furthermore, someone also covered the peep hole/handle thing with electrical tape.

I have also managed another hint, this one from D#2

  • she saw one of these a long time ago (in D#2 years, that means this summer) and came across one more recently.

*** since she is not old enough to drive anywhere on her own, I am trying to think of where she has been (that would have potential presents) without me. I am stumped.

13 thoughts on “this just in ……

  1. OK you are stronger than me, I would have sneaked alook by now. I would have convinced myself that it was for them that I was looking, because if I did’nt like it then on christmas morning when I opened I could pretend to love it, instead of having a look of dismay on my face. See you can rationalise anything.

  2. Really. It must be all about the torture with you — or, really, all about the joy that comes from TORTURING you! Why is it so much fun to torture you? We all got a little taste last year the the “Who’s Ann’s Secret Pal” and the deliciously, unexpectedly conniving of Margene, and now — your family with the contents of a cardboard box tied with ribbon, first with a peep-hole and then NOT.

    You be sure, when you open it, to have someone holding a camera on you and have that laptop ready to blog it, baby, because we’re all gonna be on pins and needles!

  3. oooh…some spinning antiquey thing you wanted. please pass on to gail that the lawn blow up was more than we bargained for. :) cam was looking for ants for his newly found ant farm…all over the blow up. yea!!

  4. Wow! Looks like you’re having as much fun with your christmas box as I’m having with my present!

    Can’t wait to see what it is. You ARE going to tell us, right? RIGHT???

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