Like the rest of the north east, it is bitterly cold here on Long Island. It seemed the perfect night to light a fire and sit and knit. Our fireplace is in the living room, but the room is without a tv. With my new ipod, that is no problem – I will listen to Cast On and knit away on my new sweater project. So there I am, all cozy and knitterly and the phone rings. Naturally I forgot to bring it with me into the living room and I have to get up and find it. This was the scene upon my return …..

Ott light & pug

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  1. My cats are the same way but faster. I can get up for 3.5 seconds and when I return, there’s a cat curled up on my chair saying, “This is my spot. Go away.”

  2. It’s usually a cat for me, and usually on my computer chair (we often share and let me just say, he has the better deal in that situation).

    He is adorable.

  3. OMG, our little hound does the same thing! When I get up from knitting, he hopes right on the couch and heaven forbid I try to move him! Also, I just bought a second Ott for over my spinning wheel and he lays dangerously close to the treddle and “soaks up the rays”. Funny little critters!

  4. I-pod, fireplace and knitting … sounds perfect. My living room doesn’t have a tv either, and I don’t have an i-pod, but I have a fireplace and a stereo so its just as lovely … one of my favourite places to knit. :)

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