feeling manic …..


In the past ten minutes I have mentally composed at least three different blog posts. Here is a sample of some opening lines in the exact ordered they popped into my head:

  • Don’t let the idyllic picture fool you. I am in a craptacular mood. I am covered in paint and sweat and have only finished two of the chairs so far – four to go.
  • Blogging is theraputic, I was all set to post a big rant and realized it’s less of a bad mood and just exhaustion.
  • They are all making me crazy and I am going to kill someone.

so you can see that I am not fit for human consumption today. Ann is not potable.

~oink ~

9 thoughts on “feeling manic …..

  1. Had to look this up to see why Ann is not potable??
    po·ta·ble (pō’tə-bəl)
    Fit to drink.

    A beverage, especially an alcoholic beverage: wine and other potables.
    **** Sounds like you need a drink!

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