Nessun dorma

Did you guys see this?

He is Paul Potts and he just won the UK’s Who’s Got Talent program. A shy cell phone salesman with little self confidence. I got a bit teary and then had to watch his audition video too – also a stellar performance. ~sniff~

14 thoughts on “Nessun dorma

  1. I can’t tell you how many years I spent loving that song, but not knowing what it was called or what it was from! Every now and then, a figure skater would use it for a performance in the long program or something, but any credit about the song was long gone by the time I recognized it! I now have several versions and I shall never forget! This performance is particularly moving.

    Did you see the little girl singing “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”? Also fantastic.

  2. his nessum dorma is almost as good as pavarotti’s which moves me to tears every time. i also always hold my breath hoping that the performer will hit that one note perfectly – it isn’t easy to do. a great performance by a little known performer

  3. Good Morning America aired the version that got him into the finals last week . . . the song really send chills down my spine especially when he hits the second part. Love how Simon even enjoyed it!

  4. Yep, saw it over at David Demchuk’s site…and the best video, I think, was the first performance of Nessun Dorma that got him into the semi-finals. The change on the judges’ faces when he opened his mouth and sang…My oh my. That’s what opera’s for, babe. Chills and tears.

  5. A shy cell phone salesman singing Nessun Dorma? Damn! That’s impressive.

    I just read a year and a half’s worth of your archived posts – do you have the Adirondack tutorial somewhere? :P My boyfriend needs something to do.

  6. Thanks for sharing that. My parent’s mentioned it to me and I couldn’t remember his name. He really is marvelous.

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