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did you find your way here from Cara’s? would you like to hear the story behind the ‘my love muscle can bench press 250’ wisecrack? Here goes ….. Cara was relating some ‘guy talk’ where one guy was inquiring about the girlfriend of his buddy. He wondered about the state of her ‘love muscle’ and how strong it was or wasn’t. I was a bit dumbfounded – what in the hell is a love muscle? How can I be 44 years old and not know about this? Well, Cara explained it all to me using a Keigel exercise example — and my reply was ‘oh that. I didn’t know that was called a love muscle. Here I always thought it was called a vagina. Well, my love muscle can bench press 250!’

now tell me, if that were a podcast would you subscribe?

it would sound something like this:

A: moss stitch. grumble, cursing, bitching

C: STR!!!! New Knitting Bag!!!!! tra la la tra la la tra la la fuckers

C: love muscle.

A: ?

A: 250.


20 thoughts on “a podcast preview

  1. Hahahaaaa,,, how can I not subscribe but be careful of the FCC (I hope it’s the right initials).

    I would not trust this David with my cookies with his almost exploding satisfied look :)

  2. So the other day someone told me, “There is nothing wrong with your vagina.” I thought it was the sweetest thing I had heard in years. But there’s a weird backstory to the whole thing. I think I fell in love on the spot. Except it was a text message. And I was on the scary bus. And this creepy guy was next to me pretending that he wasn’t grabbing my ass. And I was loudly telling him that I would get up and let him off the bus as soon as he moved his hand off from under my ass, thank you very much. Which prompted this other woman to throw Fritos at me and scream that I was a Skanky White Ho. Which really should be my new nickname or blog name. Skanky White Ho. I thought it was fantastic. But I digress. Where was I? Oh yeah. There’s nothing wrong with my vagina.

  3. Sounds like conversations I have with the derby girls, only they go something like this:

    Me: blah blah fuckmonkeys blah blah statistics and new skate laces

    Them: I fell on my cooter and I think it’s bruised, and blah blah blah and Blue Fugitives!

    Your conversation is much more interesting. Therefore you should have a podcast.

    The End.

  4. You and Cara really bring out the best in each other. Life long learners.
    Yeah.. I would pick C but shit I am over 50..
    If females have a love muscle what does this guy call his f…ing equipment? I bet Cara knows the correct terminology?

  5. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
    Ok, I’d subscribe and I don’t even have iTunes or an iPod, but I guess I’d have to get one or the other, huh? (gasp.. its the dark ages over here!) I was totally taking the whole love muscle thing as you know, the guy love muscle thing. Am I scanning too much? ;)

    And this reminded me of something from nearly a decade ago. My former Bradley instructor (Bradley natural birth method) handed out sheets of blaze orange stickers at one of our classes, and all of them said “Keigel! Keigel! Keigel!”. When asked what they were for, she said plaster them all over your house, on your bathroom mirror, cabinets, coffee mug, in the car.. so that you’re constantly reminded to keigel. Oh brother (And I may still have those unused stickers in a box of memories from that pregnancy!)

  6. For some reason whenever I explain a conversation between my sister and me to my husband, he doesn’t laugh as hard . . . but the podcast idea sounds like a good idea to me. Go for it!

  7. I would not only subscribe I would spend the rest of the day laughing heartily to myself and then recreating the pod cast in my living room with my bemused cat and a drop spindle microphone.

  8. ann, I don’t read your blog for a bit and you’re talking about love muscles and what’s with it holding 250 lbs??? I think I need to go back and read a few older ones.. I’m truly baffled!

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