work on the poncho continues. I am closing in on the finish line – gotta love those chunky knits! I have come across a pattern error. I sent an email to Hilltop to confirm and once I hear from them, I will put it on Ravlery.

to satisfy your lust for pictures, here is one of our Lu. She may look sweet & meek here, but believe me – she rules the roost! lucky for us, she’s a benevolent Queen. ; )

8 thoughts on “Lucy

  1. you got lu’s good side ( the one where you can’t see where her eye is sewed shut) . she does look calm and serene. but remember nick rules the roost.

  2. Lu is so cute! Good thing you know a mistake in a pattern when you see one. I’m not sure if I would know. I’d probably blame my knitting skills or lack thereof.

  3. Hi Lu, I’m Holli a very sweet Golden Retriever. Mom shows me all the dogs in blogland because most people only show the cats. You look cute. Have a good weekend. Licks.

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