what to do what to do

Here is the problem with knitting loads of dishcloths …. your kitchen drawer will be full and you will need to cull the herd. The next problem is that the dishcloths that will be culled are simply worn a bit, they have faded. No rips, holes or any other insult. Old and faded is their only crime. Do you have no heart? Is there ice water in your veins??? poor old cloth.


Although blogging might be slowing down, my love affair with Rinaldo is still smoldering. What, you don’t know about me and Rinaldo?? Let’s just say, we have a history.  Rinaldo is a computer geek extraordinaire and has decided that I need more GB.  I think the GB stands for good lovin’.  I know it’s a B and not an L, but in computer talk it’s Good Lovin’!

thanks Nancy Rinaldo!! ;)

6 thoughts on “what to do what to do

  1. My old dishcloths go to the rag bag… they get worked a little harder, but not so often.

    Rinaldo, on the other hand… he’s workin’ it double-time, isn’t he???
    ; )

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