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on band trips, we used to make out
with these guys in the back of the bus

thank you so much for all your input! Cathy sent me a link to an errata page for Knitting Nature. It has all been enormously helpful. Last night’s knitting brought me to the decision making point of should I/shouldn’t I. I managed to make myself so crazy (what the hell is the matter with me?? – Kathleen is right!) that I just went to bed. It was only nine o’clock!!

A full night’s sleep was just what the knitting Dr. ordered and I have decided to do the smaller (three stitch) reduction.

In other news, the Boar and I are traveling to Florida this weekend – a niece’s First Communion. My traveling neurosis have kicked in and I am busy kvetching about it all ……. I wonder why Kathleen ever assumed I was normal in the first place? That’s the real question!

This past weekend the Boar and I took to the friendly skies. We traveled to Rochester to visit my Brother and SiL. While we were there, we drove to hear D#1 sing in a choir concert at college. Now I have proven that I can knit Pomatomus while visiting, but even I doubted my ability to remain in pattern while in motion. With that in mind, I cast on for EZ’s baby surprise jacket.


I am using Blue Sky dyed cotton and loving it. This yarn is so soft and none of the hand cramps that sometimes go along with working with cotton. I didn’t think to order another color to add some stripes to the jacket. And I am not wild about unrelieved garter stitch. For now I am thinking I shall add some embroidery or other embellishment to the finished sweater.

The pig of the day comes from Rochester and is now residing in my living room. We went to an antique mall on Saturday and Sil spied this guy …..


the little lidded hen pot was also found there. My pig collection has spilled over into a touch of roosters/hens, but let’s not talk about it.


Here’s a look at my Rhinebeck project. With a little luck and lots of knitting, I will get it done in time. It is Icarus from the summer 2006 issue of Interweave Knits . I am using Alpaca Silk from Blue Sky Alpaca. This is a heavier yarn than the pattern calls for but I had to have this color. It reminds me of a Weimeraner! woof.

Since I am too distracted (by a little black pug!) to think in complete sentences and/or paragraphs at the moment, how about a list?

  • First off, opine please. Before too long (read: long & cold winter) the Boar and I will need some new garage doors. Follow the middle link to the steel carriage house ones and tell me what you think of those wooden look alikes.

Margene, is that you?

Here are some pictures I took from the plane. I used my palm pilot camera, so the quality is poor. I need to just put that out there since I know you have come to expect a high quality photograph from me. ;)

Photo_092406_001 Photo_092406_002

Photo_092406_005 Photo_092406_006

Photo_092406_009 Photo_092406_008

hey Midwest what’s up with your fields?! are those crop circles for crying out loud?!

and how about some snowcapped mountains?

check out this close up – omg!