weekend update

in a desperate bid for attention, Poe poses by the knitting

As you can see, there has been some progress made on the felted floral basket bag. Since you start at the top, knitting and decreasing towards the bottom it goes fairly quickly. Side one is finished, side two is in progress and then it will be onto the flowers, handles and bottom panel.

The big excitement of my weekend was scoring some ½ price cashmere sweaters at Lord & Taylor. I had an excellent day of shopping with my friend Claire. She is the very best shopping buddy with a knack for finding the best things on the sale rack. We always end up laughing ourselves silly and this time was no exception. After our mall trip, Claire and her husband came over. While the guys were watching the Olympics, I was showing Claire my latest spinning attempts. What truly caught her attention was the possibilities for color blending in the drum carder. So we played around with that for a little bit which led to a small spinning lesson ….. and she’s a natural! Yay Claire!!

Now for some bragging on behalf of Claire ……. her daughter was hired for a summer internship at Betsey Johnson’s! She met Betsey, had an interview and got herself an internship …… did I mention that this girl is 16 years old?? This summer, she will be taking the train into Manhatten and working in a design house! When I was sixteen, I was taking the family’s wood paneled Ford LTD station wagon to rt. 202 and working in a fast food restaurant called Gino’s ……

13 thoughts on “weekend update

  1. I saw one of those bags at SPA last weekend. The clever knitter actually bought a metal mesh waste basket to use as the liner for it. It gave it some great stability and worked really well, she said. Just thought I’d pass that tidbit along.

  2. oh gawd, freaking bag show off. remember the felted clogs I gave you—how’s about you knit my bag? huh? Love the ass shot of the Poester! Gino’s huh? I believe I was working at the ole’ King of Kullen!

  3. Poe is adorable as usual and the bag is looking great. Congrats to Claire’s daughter. What a feather in her cap! Will I be seeing her on Project Runway on Bravo TV in the future?? Betsy is always living on the edge. I am sure it will be an incredible learning experience.

  4. Congrats to Claire’s daughter, that’s an extremely impressive internship.

    Why does Poe need attention? Are you not spending enough time with him? Are you not doting on him as you should? Tell him he can call me anytime and I will rescue him and lavish him with all the love he deserves.

  5. That bag looks very complicated. :-)

    Congrats to Claire’s daughter! At 16 I was working in the bakery department of a local grocery store. To this day, I rarely eat donuts.

  6. Congrats to Claire’s daughter, lovins for Poe! And I have to confess, I’m actually liking the felted bag withthe lime green action going on. Adds a bit more zip. :)

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