cheese is the fat man’s candy

This weekend had a little bit of everything …..

  • wind
  • rain
  • yardwork
  • a fabulous Halloween party where I got to meet Ginny. Although we had first met at Rhinebeck, this time we got to sit around and chat. She’s so cool that I will ignore our age difference. I will pretend that she’s my age, or I’m her age, or whatever. I just hope that when the daughters meet her, she doesn’t want to hang with them instead…… although D#2 does knit, so there’s always that risk ……
  • movies – I watched Grey Gardens with Flair last night. I had seen this movies before, but not the entire thing. Holy Cow. Watching Little Edie rock a sweater wrapped around her head for 2 hours was …. something else.
  • knitting! chugging away on the Kimono Shawl and The End is in sight. Thank God, because I am madly, truly, deeply sick of this project.

And now I am off to work. I shall leave you all with this quiz and a reminder that Cheese is Never Boring. Sometimes it’s the most interesting thing on the table …….

What Disney Ride Are You? Jungle Cruise

You’re boring, cheesy, and tame. You’re the jungle cruise!!

Personality Test Results

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15 thoughts on “cheese is the fat man’s candy

  1. ‘splain to me how wind + rain + yardwork go together…

    I remember reading about Grey Gardens — thanks for the reminder (it’s just been added to my queue!).

  2. I was Pirates of the Caribbean too, does that mean all the knitters are either slow and damp or boring, cheesy and tame? I think we need another quiz! Glad you had a good weekend.

  3. I had a fabulous time too, though I wish we could have stayed longer- what a dilemma, to have too many parties! We’ll have to set up a knit session soon, with or without spiders.

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