It looks like Typepad is being termpermental this morning. This suits my purposes actually since I don’t have anything to blog about, so now I’ll have the perfect excuse to keep things short & sweet!

I am working some extra hours at the knitting shop, Knitting on the Lamb. With this being a holiday week, my carpool/driving situation has changed and I have some extra time. And since I don’t have to cook …. I am really liking this job – the people are great and I am surrounded by yarn. We are also sending out class schedules, so perhaps I will be teaching too! If you are in the neighborhood, stop by and see me.

Knitting continues on the pullover. The back is almost finished and things are looking good.

………. and now because it never gets old, how about a little pug candy? do you think they’ll watch the Thanksgiving Parade too?

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  1. I could GORGE on pug candy! Happy Thanksgiving! (TIP: I’ll bet full-fat Fage with honey goes with cranberry cake. I think you’re the Ann who commented on my stupid blogspot site that doesn’t give me email addresses to respond to, otherwise you think I’m completely nuts.)

  2. I think they’ll love the Thanksgiving Parade.

    The job sounds great! I’d be afraid to work in a yarn/book or ice cream store. It’s bad when there is no inventory the next day.

  3. So what is on TV that is so fascinating to your dogs? I used to have a cat that loved skating on TV — hockey, figure skating, didn’t matter, she would chase the skaters all over the screen.

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